The following are the minutes I took for you last week at the board meeting with the DG, Thursday, August 8
  1.  Present:  Bob, Jim, John, Adam, Aaron, Nick, and Erna & Steve Morain
  2.  Erna suggested improving Rotary using social media; she will have a monthly email with links we can use on our Facebook account for Rotary
  3.  She also suggested sending more from our club to PETS training, even if they aren't in line yet for president
  4.  Bob discussed our upcoming auction and our donation to St Anthony
  5.  Erna suggested having a person accountable to follow up with potential members; her club has the membership director follow up with prospects others have recruited
  6.  Erna said a social event for members can work if it is on the calendar three months ahead of time
  7.  Steve suggested reaching out to local Farm Bureau for members
  8.  Steve also suggested possibly looking at various occupations to see if our club still has one from each occupation as a way to recruit others
  9.  Bob said the board will meet again on 8/21 at Queen Beans to discuss locations
  10.  John, Treasurer, reported $10,509 in club account and $13,272 in foundation account
  11.  Bob mentioned members need to donate $250 of goods for the auction in November, and decide what they will provide
  12.  Bob mentioned Denison may join Rotary 6000
  13.  We still need a program director to replace Mark
  14.  There will be a picture at the 8/19 noon meeting for our donation to the hospital
  15.  Meeting next Monday, 8/11, at HyVee