Posted on Dec 12, 2018

Rotary Board Meeting December 12, 2018

Present: Phil, Aaron, Deb, Bob, Chris, John, Nick


  1. Treasurer report: Club account balance is $25,234.07 and Foundation account balance is $6,625.23. Veteran’s Gala gross $12,510 ($10,775 last year) net $7.009.63 ($7,300.75). We had significantly more expenses. The board discussed the cause and decided it was because we had others do work for us that could have been done by someone(s) in the club. We need to be more careful and diligent next year. The dinner at Garden View was provided so we will not bill for that meeting (11/12). Spouses will eat at the expense of the club next Monday (12/17).
  2. Chris asked that we remember the Silver Spoon program when we need volunteers for our projects. The contact is Nicole Cote (792-8010). Kuemper also has volunteers the contact there is Pete Haefs the principal.
  3. Chris will update and apply to renew our gambling license. We can’t—legally— offer poker tournaments with this license. The fee is $150 which the board authorized to pay.
  4. St Anthony Foundation asked for a donation, after much discussion the board approved $50.

Phil Phillips, Secretary