Posted on Sep 12, 2019

Board Meeting September 12, 2019


Present: Bob, Phil, John, Deb, Jim, and Adam.

  1. Treasurer report: Club balance $10,667.83, Foundation balance $13,474.58. A check for $2,085.84 from Foundation to pay for Child Care Center grant. She will be at our meeting September 16 for picture. We discussed the fee for room rental which was approved about 2 months ago and will be billed the first time this quarter. We will not bill for room rental in those places we do not have to pay room rental—like St Anthony’s. Consensus of the board decision.
  2. Phil will contact St Anthony’s about our flag storage at the hospital. 
  3. Band Day is October 5th. The board understands that Clay and Michelle have handle this in the past. Are they again? Phil will contact them to see.
  4. Boy Scouts Chris Trondle will speak 9/23. He is requesting a $500 donation for Carroll scouts. Adam move, Jim second all vote yes.
  5. Auction update discussed. There will be a meeting 9/16 at 11:30 prior to lunch anyone interested can attend. The board decided money raised will go to pay our commitment to the Cancer center and we will use this in our advertising. KCIM has 3 lines and they do not roll over (4321, 9370, 1380). We need a bullet point article to be used to fill dead time on radio about: 1) what we do locally, 2) what Rotary does internationally, 3) the doner’s and the items, 4) history of our club, 5) other items of interest.

We adjourned at 8 am.

Phil Phillips, Secretary