Rotary Board meeting November 16, 2020

Present: Aaron, Hubert, Adam, Chris, Deb, Ann, Bob, Phil


  1. Bob can order shirts, short sleeve, long sleeve, jackets, or sweat shirts. Cost is $25-$40. We discussed buying for the whole club, probably sweatshirts. What does the club think? Contact Bob if you want to place an order, Bob will explore buying for the whole club and report back to us.
  2. After much discussion, the board decided to meet next Monday evening (11/23) at 5:00 pm at Kerp’s. We can have a beer and order dinner, spouses invited. No noon meeting that day.
  3. Again, after much discussion about the future club president. We decided to go with two year terms beginning with Chris. Chris will be president 2021-22, Adam will be president 2022-2024. This will give us time to gain new members and look for new leadership.
  4. Human Trafficking was an issue that District 6000 wants us to support, it was a unanimous decision to sign their petition. No one supports human trafficking. (Duh)
  5. Dictionaries have been order, when they come in (later this week) we will talk with Brett and schedule the delivery and a time to put sticker’s on them. (Look for this Friday 11/20). Chris talked to Rachel at the library. They have need for ipads and for a ‘learning center’ which allows children to view podcasts and other media. We are considering switching from dictionaries to another or additional literacy issue. Phil will talk to Kuemper to see if they still use the dictionaries. 
  6. Bomgaars is featuring a shopping spree for Christmas at 8 am on 12/5. This would be a joint venture with other service clubs. The board discussed visiting Bomgaars and finding an idea from their gift tree and Rotary purchasing for several families. Chris will talk again with Lions and we will do one or the other for Christmas (in replace of our former Kmart giving.
  7. We discussed doing something for the firemen. Phil will talk to Greg to see what will work. Our idea is to buy pizza’s. Apparently the firemen meet in two groups due to covid, we’d buy pizza’s for each group.
  8. We discussed speakers. Ann will talk 12/10. We want to get a financial advisor to talk about investing in a market in flux. Brett, maybe. If he can’t maybe Jerry Jansen. Or??

Phil Phillips, Secretary