Rotary Board Meeting March 9, 2020


Present: Phil, Bob, Jim, John, Adam


  1. Treasurer report: Club account $12,013.42; Foundation $13,380.03.
  2. Bob will discuss with Family Table to alter the menu for the Top Ten students so the meals can be ready when they come. They will be on 5/4 and 5/11.
  3. Highway coalition requested annual support, we gave $100 last year. Motion by John second by Jim for $100. All vote yes.
  4. Carroll Foundation requested annual support. We gave $500 last year but this year reduced to $250. Motion by John second by Jim; all vote yes.
  5. Recycling containers Adam and Aaron will pay Rotary and the club will give $500 (motion last Monday and approved by the club). We will send total to Kuemper attention Ted.
  6. Rotarian of the year for 2018-19 was selected and is Nick Greteman; Rotarian fo the year 2019-20 Bob Fasbender. Phil will contact Trophies Plus.
  7. Discussed scholarships. We promised $1000 to the RYLA students Kyle Feauto and Sammie Walsh. We have given $2000 total to each school in the past. We had two applicants from Kuemper they get $500 each. We had 6 applicants from CHS and we selected 4 for $250. Winners are for $500 at  KHS Peyton Higby and Megan Bauer. Winners at CHS for $250: Ashley Onken, Jacey Loew, Makayla Bueltel, and Joe McCartan. Bob will present KHS winners and Adam will present the CHS winners. The award night is May 6. Motion by John, second by Adam all vote yes.
  8. We received an application from a student at Glidden Ralston. He is #1 in a class of 25 and scored high in ACT. He has worked as a farm hand for several years. There is no Rotary club in Glidden. After discussion we decided to give a scholarship of $250 to Luke Handlos. Motion by Jim, second by Adam all vote yes. Award night at Glidden is May 13 at 7:00 pm.

Phil Phillips, Secretary