Posted on Mar 25, 2019

Board Meeting March 25, 2019

Present: Chris, Nick, John, Phil, Jim, Hubert, Aaron, Bob


The board discussed our change in venue due to the Winery closing. We looked at several locations: Chamber room, Kerp’s, Brother’s, Family Table, Charley’s, and Pizza Ranch. During our noon meeting several people spoke about the location being somewhere guests or new members would want to come. The general feeling was a choice between Charley’s or moving to Wednesday and staying where we are. 


The board discussion: we felt we would lose more members than we’d gain by changing to Wednesday and that the traditional Monday would be best. Motion by Aaron, second by Jim to move to Charley’s. All approved moving to Charley’s effective April 1. 


There was additional discussion about having to guarantee 20 dinners, meaning the club would make up the difference between 20 and the actual number less than 20. The consensus of the board is that this difference should be billed to members not attending. There was no action taken but we want the club to be aware of this. In years past every member was charged for a meal—even if they did not eat. 


After the meeting I visited Wendy at Charley’s. They have not yet worked out the details, what they will charge us, how many the guarantee will be, talking to the cook, etc. She will get back to me on their final details. I expect we can work it all out.

Phil Phillips, Secretary