Posted on Jun 12, 2019

Rotary Board Meeting June 12, 2019


Present: Bob, John, Nick, Chris, Jim, Chris V, Deb, Phil, Denny


  1. Treasurer report: Club account $25,372.60, Foundation account $2,354.74. John has prepared a budget sheet showing our expenses and income when I get an electronic copy I will forward it to the club. Financially the club continues to be healthy since our shakeup from 3 years ago. 
  2. We discussed attendance (average 14 over the last several months). What is the cause? National trends on club participation mirrors our club. However, I have heard complaints about the food at our current provider. I have heard complaints that Thursday is not a good day. (I have missed 3 times because it is Thursday). So the board is pursuing changing provider’s again. Choices discussed: 1) rent the Harold Bierl room and have HyVee cater, 2) Go to HyVee which has an upstairs room available, 3) Pizza Ranch and join with Kiwanis on Monday’s, 4) Pizza Ranch on Tuesdays, 5) Country Table. The preferred day is Monday, cost limited to $10 or less. Phil and Nick will check out HyVee (Adam is gone until next week) and report to the board and club with their findings. All suggestions should be directed to me. 
  3. RYLA, we have no students from either school so we will pursue a refund. The difficulty is students work and activities during the summer. This is a good program, but maybe a little too inflexible and too long.
  4. Relay for Life we have a team. Any Rotarian who wants to walk can join us.
  5. HyVee has a grocery challenge again this year. You will remember that Rotary is the current champs, thanks to our great team! Nick, Bob and Chris are our team this year, with Phil as first sub off the bench. It is June 27 at 8 am at HyVee.
  6. Alzheimer’s bike ride is June 22 from 8 am to 8 pm. Rotary wants at least one team. Contact Phil (me) to sign up. Team fee is $100 and rider fee is $20. Rotary will fund (at least) one team. So the cost to you is $20. 
  7. June 20 will be a club meeting to discuss our fund raising ideas for 2019. We have four: 1) dinner to honor teachers. This is similar to our Veteran’s dinners we’ve had the last 2 years. Bob will explain this one. 2) Carroll’s got talent which Phil will discuss. This idea came from Mark. 3) Radio Day which will be presented by Deb. This is an auction done on the radio one day, we use the station for 4 hours and solicit bids. 4) Denny has a letter he wants to send to former Rotarians to solicit money. Denny will present. Each presenter will take about 5 minutes with time for club discussion. We may go with one idea or all.

Phil Phillips, Secretary