Rotary Board Meeting June 1, 2020


Present: Deb, Hubert, Adam, Bob W., Bob F, Phil


  1. The board met at Family Table Restaurant. There was seating for 20, we spaced ourselves out safely. No problems.
  2. Jim Feauto briefly attended and reported that Alzheimers will have another bike ride and walk this year. Last year we donated $500. No discussion on this and we will talk about it again later.
  3. Jim is also preparing a grant application for the Child Care Center, purchase of computers.
  4. We discussed at length where we should meet in the next few weeks and who should be our speaker. We like the face to face meetings. Adam offered to talk about the Lincoln Highway Suites (Morrison Building) that he has fixed up and made into short and long term housing. So next week we will meet at Family Table at noon and move to Lincoln Highway at 12:20 to tour that facility. If you cannot join us for lunch consider joining us at Lincoln Highway about 12:20. 
  5. We discussed meeting on Thursday June 18 at the Carroll Brewery. We had planned on meeting there May 28 but it wasn’t open. So we will meet there June 18. No meeting that Monday, June 15.
  6. Deb brought up membership, in September we will do a concerted effort to reach out for new members. We are all open to suggestions on how to get new members.
  7. There will be no Hospice softball tournament this year. It has been cancelled.
  8. Bob, Chris P. and family, Chris V., Dave, Bob’s granddaughter and Phil helped paint the softball field. We painted 25 gallons and still there is work to be done. Bob has ordered more paint and we will let you know when we paint again. 
  9. This is a difficult time for our country, our community and Rotary. The board is concerned about where we go from here. We do not have the answers but our desire is to reform into a strong organization like the members of the board remember from our past. 

Phil Phillips, Secretary