Rotary Board Meeting January 13, 2020


Present: Phil, Bob, Jim, John, Aaron, Adam

  1. Treasurer report: Club balance $13,736.54 and Foundation balance $13,038.17. John has sent out billing and will follow up with 8 members who didn’t pay.
  2. Membership was discussed. John brought in a possible program including food an culinary products. I will give to Deb.
  3. Scholarship for students was discussed. I will email the form we have made to both the high school’s counsellors. The deadline will be March 1. Students from Rotarians (parent or grandparent) and RYLA representatives will have precedent. The board will review and make decision about winners and the amount of the award.
  4. City bathroom was discussed. Cleaning is an issue, the cost is $350/month. Currently a volunteer has been doing the work. The Chamber pays about $187/month in rent for the upstairs of the bathroom. We discussed and approved paying an annual amount of $1200 if the City is unwilling to pay the difference. We also discussed have other service clubs help.
  5. RYLA applications due January 31. I will include this information to the counsellors. 
  6. We discussed changing the format of our meetings. Attendance has been down. Some members never come (or rarely) to our Monday noon meetings. An article in ROTARIAN magazine described a club that did a different activity each week. The board discussed and will present this alternative: meet at noon on Monday’s but the first week would be a speaker (as now) the second Monday would be an activity (i.e. deliver bike helmets) the third Monday would be a board meeting and the fourth Monday would actually be held on Thursday night at 5:00 pm for a drink at a rotating bar. The fifth Monday (when there is one) would be a casual meeting or cancelled meeting or some free activity. The idea will be discussed at a noon meeting and will be sent to everyone by email.

Phil Phillips, Secretary