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Rotary Board Meeting February 14, 2018


Present: Bob, John, Phil, Chris, Jim, Adam


  1. Treasurer report: club account $23,601.47 and foundation account $14,430.24. Dues are being paid timely, John will send out follow up notice to late payers. The Super Bowl raffle grossed $2,100 and netted $1,600. (Thanks Bob!).
  2. Motion to approve the payment of dues $1,615 by Phil, second by Jim approved.
  3. Grant management training will be held 2/24 Jim and possibly Tom plan to attend. Someone must go in order to get a grant approved.
  4. TOAST was discussed. The District will have a area meeting in Carroll April 14 from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm at the Winery. ALL MEMBERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND! Registration is $49 and should be sent in. The board has an application contact one of us. We discussed having a table with our helmets and dictionaries. 
  5. March 19 Chuck Long will be our speaker, he will talk about his book “Destined for Greatness” about his years at Iowa playing football. Stone’s will print 125 tickets which is our capacity that day. The cost of the ticket is $15 and we will have them available Monday 2/19. The I-Club has been invited and Rotarians will get first chance. Invite a friend!
  6. RSVP requested a donation for the Foster Grandparent program; motion by Adam, second by Bob to approve $250.
  7. We will start planning for the November Vet’s Dinner this June. We need members to volunteer to work on the committee we will be forming. Contact Chris to volunteer.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

New PH members are Dennis Molitor, John Grundmeier, and Sonia Walsh. Adding a 2nd pin are Adam Schweers and Doug Burns (not pictured). 
The club is proposing a porker tournament for March 24, all details not yet finalized. It will be at the Country Club.
Jaque Andrew from Jefferson talked about TOAST which will be hosted in Carroll April 14. All members should plan to attend, it will be at the Winery from 11:00 am until 2:30pm.

Rotary Board Meeting January 10, 2018


Present: Bob, Phil, Chris, John


This is not a quorum no votes were taken.

  1. Treasurer’s report: Club account balance is $19,389.97; Foundation account balance is $13,703.74. John will send out follow up notices to those with past due amounts.
  2. Election of a presidential nominee is needed. The other officers have all said they will continue. We need a Pres-Nominee. Does anyone want to? It is for the 2019-20 year.
  3. A report is due January 25 if the club is interested in hosting an exchange student. We haven’t done that in several years but it is a worthwhile program. Does any club member want to take this responsibility on? Please contact a board member.
  4. The board discussed our scholarship program. The past several years we have given $2000 to students at Kuemper, Public and DMACC. The board does not think we are getting the ‘bang for our buck’. We are leaning toward awarding a $1000 scholarship to each of our RYLA students. (We have two graduating this spring). Let the board know what you think, when we have a quorum we will decide.
  5. RYLA was discussed. We did not have a student last year and the deadline for paying for a student is in April, we need someone to head this program. The cost is $450/student and it is a very worthwhile program. Contact a board member if you are interested.
  6. A poker tournament/NCAA tourney event was discussed. We will have a Super Bowl sheet, the cost per square is $20, winnings of $100/quarter. Please bring your money next Monday.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting October 11, 2017


Present: Bob, Phil, Chris, Adam, Aaron


  1. Discussion about All Strings playing during the Vet’s Dinner. They do not want to get paid but would like a donation to ASA. Bob moved, Adam second giving $150. All vote yes.
  2. Ed Rohner will be the local veteran speaker. His talk lasts about 10 minutes. General Doug Pierce will be the main speaker, his talk lasts about 10 minutes.
  3. Our plan will be to make donations from the funds to these veteran related ideas: Puppy J, VA Clinic at the hospital, and Honor Flights.
  4. The dinner will be 11/10 starting at 6:00, dinner served at 6:30, speakers at 7:15 finish by 8:00.
  5. Historic Preservation asked for a donation to do work on the cemetery building. $100 motion by Bob, second by Adam. All vote yes.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rich brought samples of his excellent (I tried some) rye whiskey. Very interesting talk on the complexity of whiskey making.
Jim gave a talk on solar energy. They have a policy to buy back excess energy produced by home/business. They are also building big solar farms the first is north of Sac City. The second will be in Coon Rapids area. In addition they joined 8 other groups to sell solar equipment.
We will deliver dictionaries to Adams on 10/2. The Firemen dinner will be 11/6 with no noon meeting that day. And our annual Christmas for kids will be 12/2 at Bomgaars. 

Rotary board meeting September 13, 2017


Present: Dennis, Bob, John, Phil, Nick, Adam, Chris


  1. Treasurer report: balance in Club account is $17,879.03 and balance in Foundation is $8,933.51. Some past due amount still owed is about $500.
  2. Recognition program was presented by Dennis Molitor. A self identified recognition program has been discussed. The Application will be mailed with the billing in October 2017 and in April 2018 An awards banquet will be held along with the changing of presidents in June. This will be presented to the club prior to the first mailing.
  3. Chris will send out letters to follow up on those who attended the DG visit. This includes Young Professionals and CADC members.
  4. The Fundraiser was discussed. The names of pptential speakers were mentioned. We expect an answer this coming week. We will probalby have one main speaker talk for 15-20 minutes and perhaps one or two others for a short time. We might also have a short video. Bob purchased a teddy bear of one of the services (navy). The doll sang Anchor’s Away. Other dolls for the other services are also available. They cost $30 each. It was decided (motion by Adam second by Bob) to purchase 4 dolls, one for each branch. We may auction them or award them (not decided yet). Don Bernholz will provide his flag display and so we voted (motion by Adam, second by Bob) to give him 2 tickets. Work still needs to be done to produce tickets, mailings, booklet and ads. We will ask members to purchase tickets for 4 people including themselves.
  5. Next meeting for the fundraiser is October 4 at 7 am at Queen Beans.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board meeting August 9, 2017

Present: Bob, John, Phil, Chris, Deb, Adam, Nick


  1. Treasurer report: Foundation balance $10,307.011 and Club account $20,494.00. 26 members have paid their second quarter dues amount uncollected is $1,410. Past due owed is $2,040.
  2. Highway 30 Coalition has requested $150 for joining, our club joined last month. Adam will give a talk to the club on 9/11 on the status of 4 lanning highway 30. Adam reported that 2 10 mile sections will be done soon.
  3. Band Day sign up is $60 and we will need someone to pull our sign. Motion by Adam, second by Bob all approve.
  4. Congregate Meal requested $581.31 to cover salary to complete paperwork by one of the workers. Motion by Phil, second by Deb all approved.
  5. Bouncy House cost is $400, motion by Bob, second by Deb all approved.
  6. Chris would like to assign a Sgt. at Arms. Some names were dropped and will be approached. Maybe that was you?
  7. Hospice softball update. Bob has 10 teams for the 14” side and 4 for the 16” (less competitive side). 14” will start at 10 am and the other at noon. Please plan on coming, Bob still needs good ballplayers. (If there are any in Rotary).
  8. Ditch cleanup was discussed. Phil will contact Chris Trundle 563-419-4158 to line up a time (Saturday?) to get the Boy Scouts to do it. We still need to clean the KMART ditch. Bomgaars is moving in 10/1.
  9. DG will visit 8/28 and meet at the Winery 10:15 that morning.
  10. The Fundraiser was discussed at length notes will follow in a later message. The committee will next meet 8/30 at 7 am at Queen Beans. All are invited.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

District Governor visit August 28, 2017


Present: Bob, Chris, Nick, Phil, John, Adam, Deb


  1. Membership: Mike Ruby the DG and his wife Jo Anne visited with the club about several things, membership first. He suggested these tips for potential new members: 1. ask them to visit for lunch three times; 2. if/when they express interest to join aks them to a meeting with 2 Rotarians (Membership chair, president, someone else) for an hour meeting  informal, dialogue: What are you looking for in Rotary? What would you do for us? What can we do for you? Give them the district newsletter and pertinent information about the Carroll club. The induction would be the next week. Then ask them to do 5 or the 10 things you offer them to do: (greeter, do the Rotary moment, set up “my Rotary” on website; visit another Rotary club). Ask them to interview 2 Rotarians they didn’t know before meeting at Rotary.  Ask them to sit with different people each of the first four meetings they attend.
  2. Engage members: speed date idea with members. do something fun (share something from their pocket or purse) Use “Remind me” app to send out meeting reminders by text.  Use “Be our Guest cards” (available from RI)
  3. Everyone is “busy” but what they really mean when they don’t attend is they don’t see value in attending Rotary. Has anyone sat down with them and asked? He did a “Red” "Yellow" "Green" chart; what should we stop doing, do maybe but caution may want to stop and green keep doing. He also suggested a 'Rotary Moment’ which is to assign someone to bring something from Rotary magazine of the District newsletter to a meeting. He said, “Don’t water the weeds.”
  4. On fundraising: He talked about safety signs that are available from (Russell Hampton 800-877-8908) for $87.95.
  5. He asked Chris about our goals.
  6. The current RI president (Riesley?). Wants us to keep track of and report number of volunteer hours, money we spent on local projects, and report that monthly which he will use to demonstrate what Rotary worldwide to make it a better world. He suggested to Chris that he do a similar local report at the end of the year.
  7. Mike asked for our strengths: 1) Winery as a venue for meetings, 2) we have good programs, 3) we accomplish several things.
  8. During the lunch program Mike also covered these items: 
    1. Club loyalty—don’t have to come to meetings but want to come.
    2. Make Rotary visible in the community. “Service above self”
    3. Pilot new ideas. Try a night meeting 2 times a month. Invite all family members. Do a spring clean up. Meet once a month in the evening for a service project. Meet twice a month, once for a service project and once for a social.

Mike’s Goals

  1. Newsletter will be mailed to each Rotarian. He wants us to read it and share it with others. Leave it in the waiting area, give it to the school, share it with someone.
  2. District event: encourage more attendance. 3.5 hours not days long. In several locations, including Carroll on 4/14/2018. Includes a social hour, meal, guest speakers, entertaining, door prize, meet with other Rotarians in the area.
  3. Bike donation. For $167 a club or Rotarian can buy a bike that can be used in Third World countries for basic transportation.


Roman Steffes gave a talk about his life and the history of building homes in Carroll. A farm kid raised near Roselle, Roman built over 500 houses in Carroll and 65 others in the surrounding area. 
Renewable Energy Group, presentation on the biofuels they produce with 13 plants around the country.
We need volunteers for the Bouncy House on August 12, contact Katie.
We need volunteers and ball players for our softball team at the Hospice Tournament on August 13, contact Bob.
The club has decided to do 3-4 smaller fund raising events. The first one will be 11/10 to celebrate Veterans Day. We need a leader for this event. Do you want to put on a play? Get a speaker? Offer a dinner? Contact Chris with your idea.
Today's speaker was Micaela Boyce who talked about her month long trip to Europe with some other students while taking a class in Design. Visit included Rome, Berlin, Prague, Venice and many places in between. Sounds like a great trip and she learned a lot.

Board Meeting July 12, 2017


Present: Phil, John, Jim, Bob, Chris


  1. Treasurer reports club balance $20,219.57; Foundation balance $14,802.64. The only billing owed to Santa Maria is 5/15 which is now paid. We averaged 17 members meals the first quarter. We are paying for 26. Phil will talk to the Winery about reducing that to 22 and agree to make an adjustment after the quarter is over. Phil will track guest meals. We still owe $4000 for the scholarships.
  2. New Opportunity requested $300 for their beginning of school supplies. Motion by Bob second by John to approve. All vote yes.
  3. Bob reported we have the DOT approval for cleaning the ditch for 2017-19. The boy scouts will help with this Phil will get the contact’s name to Bob.
  4. Spousal membership was discussed. The board approved Theiia Polking for a spouse membership. All vote yes. 
  5. The DG will be in Carroll 8/28. He has a project for World Bicycle Relief that for $147 a bike will be purchased to be given in a third world country. In July that gift is matched. The board approved $1147 to be given. Adam and Chris have also donated $147 and all members are encouraged to do the same.
  6. Goals for 2017-18 are in new memberships have at least a +1 next year. Fundraising goal will be $15,000.
  7. The board discussed many fund raising ideas. A murder mystery play, auction and raffle, Veterans Day event with guest speaker, golf outing, and several others. Chris said his observation of our Monday discussion was that there was some enthusiasm for smaller ‘fun’ events but none for an auction or a raffle. There was quite a bit of discussion about billing for at least part of our fund raising. $25/quarter was suggested; that would raise $4000. The board decided that having 3-4 smaller events is what we should do. The board thinks an event around Veterans Day (actually the Friday 11/10) is what we should do. Do we get a speaker? A murder mystery? Something else? The board needs club input. Does anyone have a connection with someone like Joni Ernst?  We need a lead from the club.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Our annual spouse picnic which we held at the Winery this year. Chris spoke to us about the National Rotary Convention in Atlanta which he attended. Chris is our new president.

The Club took action on these items: 1) Motion by Adam, second by Deb and all approved giving $100 to the Highway 30 Coalition. 2) Motion by Adam, second by Bob to enter a float in the Band Day parade. 3) Motion by Adam, second by Bob all approved to contribute $250 to the food competition sponsored by HyVee and Kiwanis. The competition is in mid-August during the week and we will need 3 Rotarians to be part of our team.


In addition, Shannon Landauer of the Chamber presented a program on their new website: and on some of the projects they are working on.

Randy was a long time basketball coach at the college level. He told the story of his life as an example of how not to react to life's adversities but to respond to them. It was a very powerful story, I'm sure we were all moved by it. He is a friend of the Haluska's and recruited Adam to Iowa State.

Rotary Board Meeting June 14, 2017


Present: Phil, Bob, John, and Dennis. Not enough for a quorum.


  1. Treasurer report: $21,744.95 in the Club account and $15,351.97 in the Foundation account. 10 people owe for billing total is $3,711.25.
  2. RYLA, Phil will email Clay to get update.
  3. Float application for Band Day. Phil will email Clay to see if we want to do this again in 2017.
  4. Fund Raising. The consensus is to get started. Phil will contact Chris to see what he wants to get started with. Chris is at the National Convention in Atlanta.
  5. Received a request for the Highway 30 coalition for a contribution ($100). The consensus was to approve but will take to members. Individual members can sponsor with $50 so we’ll ask at the meeting Monday.
  6. Our June 26 lunch: Dennis has talked to the Winery about offering chicken and beef and having a desert. Chris will be our speaker.
  7. What is the status of the Boy Scouts cleaning our ditch. Phil will email them.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Ron Corbett the mayor of Cedar Rapids spoke to Rotary about "Engage Iowa" his conservative think tank. The issues he spoke on included education. He spoke against the new teacher salary formula. He suggested schools need to be innovative in paying teachers. He also spoke on the tax code which he said hinders state population growth and water quality.
Ms. Kauder presented on a program offered by Mid American to do an energy assessment on a business. (They also offer for home use). Rebates and energy savings can save money for your (home or) business and the assessment is free.

Rotary Board Meeting May 10, 2017

Present: Phil, Dennis, John, Bob, Chris, Aaron, Jim, Adam


  1. Treasurer report balance $17426.16 in club and $19434.06 in Foundation account. Total billing due March quarter $2195.00 and due altogether $5451.25. Please pay this quarter billing. 
  2. Best Buddies program was discussed. They requested $350; a Rotarian offered to fund up to $175. Board approved $175 in addition to the generous offer from the Rotarian.
  3. Scholarships were discussed. The Board has committed to giving $2000 each to CHS, Kuemper and DMACC. Motion by Adam second by Aaron all approved. The Board discussed what we should do in the coming year. It was moved by Adam second by Aaron all approved giving the scholarship in the future to our RYLA students. Next year will be the two students we had at last years RYLA. We felt this way the club will get more recognition and we can use RYLA as a way to get a good candidate and to promote RYLA to future candidates.
  4. Our June 26 meeting was discussed. Dennis suggested offering a special membership for spouses similar to the Corporate membership. Dues would be $25/quarter and the spouse would pay the regular rate for meals.Motion by Aaron second by Chris to approve this new membership opiton. Dennis will investigate other membership ideas.
  5. Gun policy was discussed. There was an issue brought up by a club who auction a shotgun every year as a part of their fund raising. They want to add language in the recent gun policy to allow clubs to do this.  Motion by Aaron, second by Bob all approved.
  6. K9 corp request was discussed. The board decided to wait until we have more information on the dog and the program.
  7. Fund raising was discussed. We will have an event in November this year to raise money. Many ideas were discussed: an auction? items brought by Rotarians? Using the internet to raise bids/funds? The board will ask members what they want to do.
  8. A Family bike ride was discussed. Nothing definitely decided. Probably a free event, using the trail, having a rain day option, go to Maple River mid morning on a Saturday.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Kuemper Top Ten, school they plan to attend, and their major are of study: Martha Van Erdewyk, Creighton, Chemistry; Kate Dickinson, Creighton, Exercise Science; Jordan Wittrock, ISU, Interior Design; Jodie Knobbe, UofI, Speech and Hearing Science; Susie Pottebaum, UNI, Business; Von Kraus, UofI, Business; Ben Grote, ISU, Industrial Design; Lucas Lampe, Creighton, Business pre law; Kobe Eischeid ISU, Engineering; Reed Rawlings, Utah State, Engineering; Matt Dentlinger, SDSU, Engineering; Hannah Sibbel, Morningside, Elem Ed; Margaret Kenkel, Creighton, Pre-Med; Jessica Venner, Clarkson, Radiologic Tech. Principal Pete Haefs brought the students to the Winery. 
Marsha Williams with the Alzheimer's Association in Council Bluffs presented a program. Carroll is one of 12 counties they serve. Alzheimers effects 5 million in the US. Women are twice as likely as men, Hispanics one and half more likely than whites, and blacks twice as likely as whites to get Alzheimers. See more info at their website 
Ed Smith presented two projects the hospital is undertaking. Garden View will be constructed off Maple south of the hospital and will serve 36 assisted living rooms. The cost is $10 Million and $2.375 from a Federal Grant. It will start construction this week and be open 7/1/2018; 64 people are already on their waiting list. The second is in Denison, the Denison Clinic. This was donated by Dr's Mason and Tancretti and will serve Denison residents OB, heart, diabetes, PT, urology, and primary care. This will open end of May and have an open house 6/11/2017.
Mark presented a program update on autism. One in 68 births are diagnosed with autism. Most times the symptoms appear between age 2-3, 40% have average or above intelligence, 5 times as many boys as girls. The lifetime cost is $3.3 million; education cost thru high school is $18,000 (about 3X the average). The cause has both a genetic and environmental component. Signs include: no big smiles at 6 months, no back and forth sounds or babling at 12 months, and others. There is an online resource at MCHAT which has a test for autism. There are a spectrum of impairments, if you have met one person with autism, you've met only one case. 
175 boys, 55 adults, 2 troops (in Manning and Carroll) make up the Scouts in Carroll County Iowa. Chris described some of the events that Scouts participate in, including a Day Camp in the summer that Rotary has supported.
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