UPDATED: Bow Rotary's annual Four-Way Test Speech Contest was held via Zoom on March 2nd and just like every year, the Four-Way Speech Contest always warms the heart hearing what these students are passionate about and especially when putting oneself into the student's shoes. All four contestants did very well, but ultimately we arrived at our first, second and third place winners. 
Each contestant had to speak on a topic that was important to them and in that talk relate their points to Rotary's Four-Way Test. The speech had to be no less than five minutes and no more than seven, otherwise they were disqualified.  A time keeper held up cards with their remaining time after the 5 minute mark.  Three judges, one from Bow Rotary, one from another club and one former Rotarian judged the speeches and deliberated in a separate Zoom "room".  
The Rotary Four-Way Test
Of the things we think, say and do
Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
First Place Winner: BHS Senior Michelle Eweka ($500 prize)
Second Place winner: BHS Senior Jack Roberge ($300 prize)
Third Place winner: BHS Junior Ava Noce ($100 prize)
Michelle Eweka went on to the Rotary District's semifinals where she placed in the top four.  Michelle then advanced to the Rotary District 7870 finals on May 1st, where she came in First Place and won an additional $650!  
     “My primary goal in participating in the Four-Way Speech Contest was to inform my audience on the appalling state of America’s correctional system and inspire them to advocate for change in the future.  I was elated to move up to the final rounds because the further I got in the competition, the bigger my audience became, increasing the spread of awareness.  Moreover, participating in the contests bolstered my confidence and creativity, two fundamental qualities needed to accomplish any lasting changes in a dynamic world. 
     I thoroughly enjoyed partaking in the Rotary Club Four-Way Speech Contest.  I would like to give a huge thanks to the Bow Rotary Club for giving me this opportunity and to my teachers, family members, and others who supported me throughout the competition.”
Thanks again!  Michelle Eweka

Bow's three winners gave their speeches to our full club membership during our club Zoom meeting on March 19th.
View a Zoom video recording of the original speeches HERE.