Free Summer Concert Series 2021
This year's final concert was an Open Mic/Talent Night - we had eight (8) acts pre-register to perform on Friday night August 6th.  The lineup was as follows: 
Phoenix Effect (Chris Dunbar and Steve  Korzenouski)-vocals/guitars; Dominic Cole-drums (BMS 7th Grade); Jayden Kennedy-fiddle (Bow 5th grade); Jess Burnbaum-vocalest (BHS 10th grade); Dr. Dean Cascadden-vocals/guitar; NH Fiddle Ensemble (Manchester)- (directed by Bow's Muriel Orcutt and including BES 3rd grader Nolan Engle); Ben Crabtree-vocals/guitar; Eli Wilkening-piano (BHS 10th grade); Eliza White-vocals/guitar.
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Peter Imse chaired this year's committee and was the MC for the event.  Bow Men's Club provided free drinks and snacks.
Photos by Eric Anderson
Dominic Cole
 Jayden Kennedy (with Muriel Orcutt)
Jess Burnbaum
NH Fiddle Ensemble (Manchester)
 Eliza WhiteEli Wilkening
Our first concert was the Freese Brother's Big Band, which as always didn't disappoint.  We had a nice evening and a good crowd.
Next up was Knock On Wood - a folk rock duo from the Boston area that got the crown signing along and the kids and young families dancing.  The weather forced this one inside the Community Center but we still had a good sized crowd.  The Bow Men's Club sold snacks & drinks as well.
Below are some of Eric Anderson's photos from our Freeze Brother's and Knock On Wood concerts.  

Knock On Wood - Howie Newman on guitar and fiddle player Jackie Damsky
Karen Wadsworth & Judy Goodnow and the Bow Men's Club's Charlie Griswald & Richard Oberman
Young families dancing to the music.