Posted by Bob Couch on Dec 09, 2018
2018-19 District 7870 Governor Venu Rao, a member of the Hollis-Brookline Rotary Club, presents Bow Rotary President Bryant Stevener this year's district banner
2018-19 District Governor Venu Rao, a member of the Hollis-Brookline Rotary Club, shared several wonderful stories about projects in India; in particular, his first, which involved providing electricity to some remote areas in India. The impetus was to create an opportunity for learning; this led to an award from Green Apple. This award, given because the project “made the most impact for the least expense” allowed help to be provided in many more areas.
He also spoke about the value of Global Grants; how the RI Foundation can match a local Club’s funds, how Clubs can partner with local Clubs for more leverage, and with international Clubs for even more leverage. Although we see what needs are not being met locally, he suggested that we extend our hands beyond our boundaries.
He is concerned about the decline in District club membership. We seem to have little difficulty in recruiting; the issue seems to be retention. He feels we need to vet new members better, induct them better, and particularly, engage them better. We need to look for the passion in our members and nurture it.
He has three primary goals for this year:
1) Increase membership in the District Clubs;
2) Have every Club in the District involved in a Global Grant project, whether it is initiated in the Club, or the Club is contributing to another project. With his budget, he will match, $ for $, up to $1,000, each $ the Club contributes to a Global Grant project.
3) Have every Club member in the District contribute to RI Foundation.