Today’s Greeter: Rob Werner welcomed members to Bow Rotary and offered some words of wisdom
  • 41  Bow Rotarians
  • 0  Visiting Rotarians
  • 1  Guest speaker: Lisa Madden; President/CEO of Riverbend Community Mental Health
Total of 42
  • Matt Gatzke gave some updates: The Board will next meet on Monday 1/18. Additionally, more news at a district level on the Covid vaccines coming soon
  • Judy Goodnow; Held a great meeting with the Heritage Committee to select a new wallpaper for the Old Town Hall
  • Dick Swett; gave an update on the Interact Club. The flamingo fundraiser will be temporarily discontinued until spring.
  • Peter Imse; gave an update on the EarlyAct Club. Both EarlyAct and Interact are very active clubs
  • Gerry Carrier; gave an update on dues & today’s book will be donated to the Bow Schools on behalf of the guest speaker
  • Dean Cascadden; gave an update on the schools and some big decisions facing the district
Sergeant at Arms: Joya Dennehy
  • Matt Dodge gave a happy $5 and updated the club on family & work over the past year.
  • Ken Moulton had a birthday in December (his 30th?) and updated the club on his year.
  • Harry Judd had a “New Year’s” birthday on January 1 and gave $21 in celebration of the (much anticipated) new year.
Happy Bucks:    
  • Judy Goodnow gave a happy $10, comprised of various offerings - $2 of which was from Noreen Christensen and her extension of warm wishes to club members.
  • Donna Deos gave a happy $5 for our guest speaker, Lisa Madden
  • Bryant Stevener was happy to have received his first Covid vaccine. The process was easy and no side effects.
  • Mike Gula is just getting over his therapy as a result of Dean Cascadden’s Christmas performance. Well, that and the fact that he caught a fish while ice fishing on Turee, and that today marks 21 years since the first date with his wife
  • Linda Bliss gave some Covid vaccine advice to keep your arm from feeling sore, and shared news that her grandson returned to Clarkson and her granddaughter received her driver’s license.
Donna Deos announced today’s guest speaker: Lisa K Madden; President/CEO of Riverbend Community Mental Health in Concord.
Lisa became the CEO in May of 2020, and has spent the better part of 35 years involved in social work. After receiving her Master’s degree, Lisa wanted to pursue the leadership/administrative track within the social work spectrum and has been an advocate since.
Riverbend is a private nonprofit organization that offers behavioral health and addiction treatment services. Their services extend to a wide range of people & families across central New Hampshire. They are a member and affiliate of a number of associations, and are at the forefront of many new initiatives. Learn more about their history and services on their website:
Question/Answer period followed.
Respectfully Submitted,
Robert Louf