Scholarship Raffle Winners - Sadly, the annual Bow Rotary Scholarship Auction was forced to be canceled due to COVID-19.  For years, this popular auction has been the primary source of funds for our Bow Rotary Club Foundation's annual college scholarship awards.  In lieu of the auction this year, we held a cash raffle in hopes of at least raising enough money to fund a few scholarships.  The raffle had three cash prizes and the drawing was held during our December 18th meeting.  
The total raised has not been finalized but we sold over $5,000 worth of tickets between online sales and tickets purchased at Merrimack County Savings Bank’s Bow office.

Our steadfast major sponsors, Merrimack County Savings Bank, Roberts and Green, Allied Insurance, and Mason+Rich all stepped up and provided significant monetary support even though we were unable to have an auction.  Several local businesses have also made generous donations to the fund, and all will be recognized publicly.
The scholarship raffle winners were:
1st prize $1250 - Don and Catherine Legere
2nd prize $500 - Jeffrey & Kathryn Wheeler (The Wheeler’s donated the prize back to the club for scholarships)
3rd prize $250 - Kelly Gilbert.
Thank you to all who supported this important fundraiser!!!
Link to drawing video here 
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