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The Rotary Club of Flushing celebrated its 25th anniversary in April 2017, and was recognized with a resolution from the Flushing City Council, presented by Mayor Kevin Keane to Flushing Rotary Club President Kristy Brown (pictured). Chartered in 1992, the Rotary Club of Flushing has made an indelible impact on the Flushing community during this past quarter century.   From humble beginnings with approximately a dozen charter members, the Flushing Rotary Club has grown to 50 members representing many professions and organizations in the area, and has made an estimated $650,000 in contributions to the Flushing community over the past 25 years.  The largest of these being the renovation and installation of stadium seating in the downtown Riverview Park with an investment of $260,000.  Funds for these community projects were raised over the years via celebrity dinners, golf outings and in recent years via the Duckie Race and Raffle at Summerfest in June. In addition, the Flushing Rotary Club has also awarded scholarships recognizing community service and scholarship to deserving area high school graduates during the past 20 years totaling nearly $50,000, as well as sponsorship of an Interact high school chapter at Flushing High School, several literacy initiatives in the Flushing Schools, the Flushing Nature Trail, and other community events such as the annual Candlewalk and Summerfest.   This year's Summerfest and the Rotary Entertainment Tent, with live bands and beer, will be held on June 9-10 from 6PM-11PM in Riverview Park in downtown Flushing. Raffle tickets are available for purchase from Flushing Rotarians, or via mail: Flushing Rotary Club, P.O.Box 377, Flushing, MI 48433.  Tickets are $10 each.  Contributions can also be mailed to support the work of the Flushing Rotary Club via the Flushing Rotary Community Fund,  P.O. Box 377 Flushing MI 48433.  Contributions are tax deductible as the Flushing Rotary Community Fund is a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization.  The Rotary Club of Flushing wishes to thank the Flushing community for your support over the past 25 years, and looks forward to continuing to serve the Flushing community into the future. 
The Rotary Club of Flushing is again accepting applications for its 2017 Annual Scholarships.   Prospective applicants can apply by completing the application materials located in the "Files" area which is accessible via the link at the top of this page.  Please download and complete all forms and then submit them following the directions provided in the application materials.   Those applicants who meet the service-focused requirements of the scholarships, which derive from the Rotary motto of "Service above Self",  will be contacted for interviews by the Scholarship Committee and the recipients of the two (2) scholarships: The Richard and Kathy Merrill Scholarship, and the Gerald and Josie Knight Scholarship, will receive their scholarships during a Rotary Club of Flushing meeting in June. All high school seniors who are graduating this year and who reside in the Flushing school district area are eligible for the scholarships regardless of the school they attend. Those students with a record of service in the community are encouraged to apply. Applications must be received by March 31, 2017, to be eligible for consideration. 

The Rotary Club of Flint, in celebration of their 100th anniversary, is giving 100 Paul Harris awards to outstanding community volunteers who embody the motto of Service Above Self. Area Rotary Clubs were asked to submit nominations. The Rotary Club of Flushing nominated two distinguished community volunteers; Lucy Ham and Faith Yassick. 


Lucy Ham received her Paul Harris on Friday, February 3rd. Here are a few examples of how she exemplifies Service above Self:    


Lucy states,”It is very rewarding to see the sweet thankfulness when another receives a gift.” Lucy’s giving is from the heart and comes in a variety of ways all focused back to her community. 

  • Active participation in the “Revive Flint” project; an outreach program aimed at inviting neighbors to be a part of their local church. 
  • Recipient of the “Essential Piece Award” through Motherly Intercession which Lucy has supported for many years. Motherly Intercession provides education to children and support services to families with an incarcerated parent. Lucy supports Motherly Intercession financially but also with serving as a volunteer tutor. 
  • Lucy served since 2008 on the Flushing Area Community Fund Advisory Committee, an endowed Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. She was a member and served as Chair for two years. 
  • Lucy is an avid supporter of the Flushing Community Schools. She has always been a positive voice on behalf of the school district. Lucy was recognized by the Board of Education in October 2015 for her contributions. Her gifts were used for Literacy Interventions for young readers in kindergarten through third grade and for character education programs to all four elementary buildings. 
  • Lucy received the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce Athena Award in 2012. The Athena Awards honor women who personify excellence professionally, work to improve the quality of life for others and work to help other women realize their leadership potential. 


Lucy states, “Giving is the seed and it is a blessing to see what blooms of that giving ….. very rewarding.”  We congratulate Lucy Ham – 2017 Paul Harris Recipient. 

The Rotary Club of Flushing is very proud to present Flushing Township Police Officer Jim Hough with the Rotary Service Above Self Award.  Officer Hough is the School Resource Officer assigned to Flushing High School.  He has been a police officer with the Flushing Township Police Department since 2003.  

In addition to being the School Resource Officer, Jim’s dog, Colt, is a certified canine officer for the Township.  Colt is trained as a drug dog, a search and rescue dog, and a therapy dog.  Colt has a spot in the hearts of Flushing High School students.  He has calmed many students’ fears and anxiety as well as dried many tears. 

As our school’s resource officer, Jim contributes his own time, his own money, and his exceptional energy to the students and staff on a daily basis.  If a student doesn’t have lunch money, Jim digs into his own pocket on a regular basis to buy that student lunch.  Jim frequently buys t-shirts for students who are unable to buy special t-shirts for special events.  Jim purchases dance tickets for students who would otherwise not go to the dances.  He has assisted families by paying bills, going to the grocery store, and purchasing school clothes and coats for students. There isn’t anything that Officer Hough would not do for the students and staff at Flushing High School.  Flushing High School is a better place because of Officer Jim Hough.  

Jim exemplifies the highest ethical standards.  He is an honest, trustworthy, and confidential person.  In his profession as a police officer, he is conscientious about doing the right thing, treating people fairly and equitably, and treating people with respect.  The Rotary Four-Way Test is a testament to Officer Jim Hough and the way he leads his life.  

  • Is it the truth?  This is one of Jim’s strongest qualities. 
  • Is it fair to all concerned?  Jim makes sure that what he is doing is fair to all concerned.
  • Will it build good will and better friendships?  So many of the things that Jim does for the students, their families, and the staff have been done for the greater good of all.
  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?  Jim’s work as a Resource Officer and as a road officer is beneficial to all concerned with the main focus being what is in the best interest of all.  

The Rotary Club of Flushing is very pleased to present Officer Jim Hough with the highest honor in Rotary, the Service Above Self Award.



The Rotary Club of Flushing recently honored Ben Wright as the Rotary Student of the Month for December.  Ben is the senior class president at Flushing High School.  He is a member of the National Honor Society, the Rotary Interact Club, and is the opinions editor for the Flushing High School newspaper, The Blazer.  Ben is a student representative on the District-Wide Coordinated Health and Safety Committee.  He is also the founder of the Debate Club at Flushing High School, which boasts a membership of approximately 40 students.

Ben was able to participate in a unique experience during the summer of 2016.  He was a student intern in Lansing for Senator Ken Horn.  Ben was able to work directly with Senator Horn as well as with his staff.  He was able to participate in governmental activities associated with Senator Horn and observe the operations of the State Senate.  This opportunity to intern with Senator Horn was a valuable experience that solidified his interest in politics and government in the future.    

Ben’s attention to his academic success, his involvement in school activities, his commitment to serving his community through the Rotary Interact Club, and his recent work experience made him an excellent choice for the Rotary Student of the Month honor.  Ben was joined by his parents, John and Kim Wright, at the Rotary Club of Flushing’s meeting on December 22 at Sorrento’s.  It was a pleasure to acknowledge Ben’s hard work.  

The Rotary Club of Flushing had the pleasure of honoring Ben Church as the November Student of the Month.  Ben is a senior at Flushing High School.  Ben is a one-of-a-kind person.  There truly is nobody else like Ben.  He is a very thoughtful and friendly person.  He is a friend to everyone.  Ben makes a point to acknowledge each person he passes.  He looks each person in the eye and greets each person.  Ben brings a smile to everyone’s face.  He brightens the lives of so many people.  

Ben is the manager of the boys’ varsity basketball team.  Ben is very passionate about his involvement with the boys’ varsity basketball team.  The relationship the team has together is one of mutual admiration.  In the past, Ben has played on a wheelchair basketball team that traveled around the Midwest.  Ben loved participating with the wheelchair basketball team, but it took away from his time to spend with his boys!  So Ben has decided to focus this last year of high school totally connected with the boys’ team at the high school.  

Ben is a member of the Varsity Club at the high school.  As a Varsity Club member, he participates in a wide variety of community service projects with the club.  In the past, he has volunteered to help at the Special Olympics meet in Mt. Pleasant.  Ben’s kind nature has served him well as he volunteers at Woodhaven Assisted Living on Dye Road by visiting the residence and improving their gardens.

Ben is the son of Tim and Julie Church.  It was a true pleasure for the Rotary Club of Flushing to honor Ben and share the presentation with his parents.

The Rotary Club of Flushing recently honored Nadine Dabish as the October Rotary Student of the Month.  Nadine is a senior at Flushing High School.  She is an excellent example of the Rotary motto “Service Above Self.”  Nadine is involved in 16 different clubs and organizations at Flushing High School.  She is an officer in the Rotary Interact Club, Student Leadership Organization, and Students for Choice.  She is a proven leader who works tirelessly on many different projects throughout the school.  Additionally, Nadine loves music.  She is an accomplished violinist in the Advanced Orchestra and a member of the school choir.  Nadine also enjoys the theater.  She will be the Cowardly Lion in the upcoming play, “The Wizard of Oz” with performances at Flushing High School Auditorium on November, 4, 5, and 6, 2016.  Nadine plans to attend college next year with the intention of furthering her studies in veterinary school.  Nadine is the daughter of Steve Dabish.  

Pakistan is one of the two countries where polio is still found. Sometimes we may wonder why it is taking them so long to immunize their population, but if you read the October article, you will gain a better understanding of how complex the problem is. Conflict in tribal areas along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border have added to an already mobile population. Cultural attitudes also prose a problem. The lack of standardized health care, where well-baby visits with children getting immunized are the exception rather than the rule, so while in healthy children three doses provide immunity, malnourished children in Pakistan need as many as eight doses to be protected, which means children in both Pakistan and Afghanistan are immunized repeatedly until their sixth birthday.
To address a moving populace, immunizers have established hundreds of permanent transit points, or PTPs, located in high traffic areas such as border crossing points, hospitals, and railway stations, as a strategy to not miss a single child.
Female vaccinators work in their own neighborhoods, where they are known and trusted, which eases the suspicions of families. There are 225,000 polio workers across the country, working in a massive effort to achieve universal vaccination. The endgame plan includes working with religious leaders to develop support for polio immunizations. The effort is succeeding, with vaccination refusals down to 24,666 in March, 201 from 63.827 in March of 2014, reflecting a rate of less than .1 percent of the 35 million children under five in Pakistan.
The multiple doses that need to be given stem from the problems of infrastructure, basic health care, clean water and education that go unresolved even as the focus on polio remains relentless. "We go door to door, again and again, with polio drops, but their child lies in bed with a fever", explains Salah Haithami, a medical officer with WHO. "This is where Rotary's vision of Polio Plus" - the goal of which is to integrate polio immunization with routine maternal and pediatric health care' "becomes a key strategy". We can be proud of Rotary's vital role in the drive to eradicate polio, and certain that the donations we make to Polio Plus are bringing us nearer that day.
The Rotary Club of Flushing recently honored two 2016 FHS graduates each with
$1,000 scholarship. Honored were Justin Rau and Shannon Shaughnessy. These two
graduates stood out among others for their school involvement and community service.
Justin Rau was the Student Council President, the Varsity Club President, the Class of
2016 Vice President, Varsity Football team captain, and a member of National Honor
Society. As a member of NHS, Justin tutored FHS students. He was also able to
provide mentoring and tutoring to students at Elms Elementary. Justin volunteered at
the Salvation Army during Christmastime providing Christmas food and presents to
families that otherwise would not be able to celebrate the holiday. Justin plans to attend
Wayne State University where he will study business administration, with an eventual
plan to attend law school.
Shannon Shaughnessy was involved with Motherly Intercession where she tutored and
mentored children on incarcerated mother or fathers. She became particularly
interested in this group because she is planning an eventual career in the legal field.
Additionally Shannon was a member of the National Honor Society at Flushing High
School where she tutored FHS students. She also participated in Student Leadership
Organization, where she volunteered at the annual Candlewalk and at Springview
Elementary. Shannon was a captain of the Girls’ Varsity Swim Team. Shannon plans
to attend the University of Michigan Ann Arbor where she will study pre-law, with an
eventual plan to attend law school. The Rotary Club of Flushing wishes both Justin and
Shannon the best of luck at their respective colleges.
The Rotary International Foundation is one of the largest humanitarian foundations in the world, providing funding to eradicate Polio, address worldwide water issues, fight disease, promote international understanding and cooperation, and many other humanitarian initiatives.   Rotarians and the public can provide support directy to the Rotary International Foundation online at   Know that your contributions will go toward making a difference in the world.  More detailed information on the Rotary International Foundation may be found at