The Sea Island Rotary Shrimp Race

5,000 rubber floating shrimp will be dropped into the Beaufort River adjacent to the Waterfront Park.  Each shrimp will have a unique number 0001 through 5000.  The shrimp will float naturally with the tide toward a finish line marked with two floating buoys.  The first 10 shrimp to cross the finish line receive the following cash prizes
  1. Place.....$2,000
  2. Place.....$1,000
  3. Place.......$750
  4. Place.......$500
  5. Place.......$250
  6. Place.......$100
  7. Place.......$100
  8. Place.......$100
  9. Place.......$100
  10. Place.......$100

In addition, the top 100 shrimp have a chance to win a new car or boat if their shrimp number correctly matches the randomly selected "Lucky Number" by Odds On Promotion, a third party insurance company, prior to the start of the race.

Adopted shrimp numbers will be randomly assigned by race officials at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the race and will be immediately posted at the site of the race along with the adopters name.

Race results will be announced at the conclusion of the race at Waterfront Park, and then later on this website.  You do not need to be present to win.  If you are a winner you will be contacted by a member of the Sea Island Rotary Club to claim your prize.

See Rules for complete information and terms of this race.  Good Luck!