Education Committee Goals 2020-2021 (Marilyn Peck)
The newly formed Education Committee will attempt to complete the following objectives during the  2020/21 Sea Island Rotary Club calendar year.
1.  Put together a working committee that will meet 4 times a year.  I have started recruiting people to be on the committee.
2.  Continue the following programs:  Rotary Reader, The Little Free Library, Interact at Battery Creek High School, School Uniforms and the Scholarship Program.
3.  Investigate the possibility of starting a Rotary program at USCB (Rotaract).
4.  Provide reusable bags for Born to Read (Literacy Initiative).  These would be personalized with the Born to Read and SIRC logos.
5.  Investigate the possibility of expanding Rotary Reader to Mossy Oaks Elementary School.
The Beaufort community as well as prospective Rotary members will most likely learn about Sea Island Rotary from personal interaction with Club members, our website, social media and news media.  Each plays an important role in promoting our Club in the community, thus, our objective will be to insure that all are up to date, functioning effectively and utilized in a manner that will help ensure that our projects and events get the attention and support they deserve, and that the core values of Rotary are properly promoted. The following goals and objectives, amongst others, will be pursued and completed:
  • Finalize Re-Develop of our Web Site
  • Maintain attractive and up-to-date Web and Social Media Sites
  • Get to Know Our Local Media
  • Write Press Releases that Local Journalists Will Want to Read and Publish
Our goal is to improve community (and member) awareness of the Sea Island Rotary Club, its projects and role in endeavoring to make Beaufort, the County and world a better place. Communications and the way it is presented will be the key to our ultimate and collective success.
Sea Island Rotary Club Service Committee Goals (Woody Oakley)
  1. Engage Club Service Committee members actively in the business of the committee
  2. Increase participation in club socials
  3. Provide engaging, inspiring, and informative club programs for each meeting 
Community Services Committee goals for 2020-21 Sea Island Rotary Club (Bob Ellis)
  1. Improve club member participation for each of the committees under the Community Services Committee umbrella. Community Services chair and subcommittee chairs will recruit members not currently participating.
  2. As Community Services chair, ensure that each subcommittee meets as needed in a timely fashion and receives guidance and any needed aid/resources from the Community Services chair.
  3. Ensure that each subcommittee has a representative able and ready to report about that subcommittee’s progress to the general membership.
  4. Include Public Image/Public Relations Committee representative at each meeting held under the umbrella of the Community Services Committee.
  5. Document the Community Services Committee and its subcommittees’ duties, procedures, policies, resources, contacts, etc. and upload to the district website. This will provide for smoother future transitions in leadership for each committee.
  6. Work with the Fundraising Committee to coordinate/facilitate/increase fundraising between the Shrimp Race and Biathlon.
The 2020-2021 Fundraising Committee (Anna Graham) will strive to reach the following goals:
  1. Create a guide/procedure to assist subcommittees (Shrimp Race, Biathlon and Any Other New Events presented) better implement strategies for ensuring that we help the Board carry out it’s due diligence function related to ensuring the fiscal health through fundraising. In doing so, we will work to build a culture of enthusiasm for fundraising throughout or club.
  2. Work to manage fundraising during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Prioritize the activities that bring gifts in the long term. Raise money while still staying home. Be proactive and continue to move our organization forward.
  3. Work hand in hand with Public Image Committee with all pertinent information that may be used for any social or print media.
Vocational Services Committee (Andy Borgert) focus for the upcoming year:
1. Award three-pronged Ethics in Business awards... local business, local non-profit, public service employee (PD, FD, EMS, etc.)
2. Schedule Rotarian “Get to Know Me” monthly presentation - Once a month have a SIRC member spend five minutes to explain what they do and answer questions.
3. This is a broader initiative - Promotion of Economic Development and Diversity in Beaufort.  This is something that I think should be a part of the ongoing efforts of the Vocational Committee.  It would include looking at ways to help promote the development of locally-owned businesses (including minority-owned) and bringing new business (trying to avoid the hospitality, tourism and/or service industry).
The Membership Committee (Mark McCain) will strive to complete the following objectives during the upcoming 2020/21 club calendar year.
  1. Sustain the club membership and strive to assist in recruiting and inducting ten new members.
  1. Strive in increase the club’s diversity of membership to permit the club to enter into new fields of service, fellowship and to help sharing in the beliefs of “Service Above Self”.
  1. Assist with the marketing and educational opportunities of the Public Image / Public Relations Committee.
  1. Conduct at a minimum of ten committee meetings over the 2020/21 club calendar year either via Zoom Conferencing or in person.
  1. Encourage all members of the Membership Committee to attend the District Membership meeting to be held on September 11, 2020 in Beaufort, SC.
  1. Continue to refine the membership induction process to be more rewarding for the candidate and to stream line the process.
  1. Strive to have the Membership Committee to develop and implement a new members mentoring program by the existing club member “sponsor” to assure a successful first year of club service through learning of the benefits of club membership.
  1. Sustain and continue to improve the Fireside Chat program to increase the new members educational and service opportunities through club service.
  1. Strive to increase the participation of the present and future board members to attend the annual Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI).
  1. Encourage at the minimum to have three committee members attend the District 7770 Conference.
The Rotary Foundation Committee- Educate and promote the ideals of the Rotary Foundation to all of our club members. Encourage the member to seek ways to increase their giving to the Foundation since they do much so much good work for the world to help those in need. Continue to have updates during our weekly meetings to recognize  our members on the good things they have done in our community. To have at least two programs on the Rotary Foundation during the year to increase each member’s knowledge of the Foundation.
  1.        Promote the District Grant Program for our club. The School uniform program to get more members involved by taking uniforms to each school. This is a $5,000 total grant from proceeds that the clubs have raised from previous years.
  2.        Provide each member with their total contributions to the Foundation, and seek to provide them leadership to their next level of their PHF.
  3.        Encourage more members to attend the yearly District Foundation Meeting
  4.        Provide members with brochures on the different Rotary programs to increase their knowledge
  5.        Get outside speakers to provide the club with new ideas about the Foundation
  6.        Encourage more members to join the Benefactor Group by contributing $1,000 in their will to the Rotary Foundation.
  7.        Encourage new PHF to wear their pins with pride to the meetings
  8.        Nominate outstanding leaders in the community for their service with a PHF
  9.        Club will match dollar for dollar any funds given to the Foundation.