Five Year Plan
Sea Island Rotary Club’s Five-Year Strategic Plan 2021/2022
Vision Statement
            Together, Sea Island Rotary Club sees a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – in ourselves, in our community of Beaufort, and across the globe.
Mission Statement
          We provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, good will, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders of Beaufort.
Action Plan
            As People of Action, we share a strong sense of purpose. More than forty-years ago, the Sea Island Rotary Club was formed as sponsored by the Beaufort Rotary Club of Beaufort, SC. This pioneering resulted in a new model of service leadership grounded in person-to-person connections. Today, those connections are a network that spans the globe – bridging cultural, linguistic, generational, and geographic barriers – and shares the vision of a better world. As People of Action, we understand that fulfilling that vision requires a plan.
This is Sea Island Rotary Club’s plan for the next five years:
  • to increase our impact
  • to expand our reach
  • to enhance participant engagement
  • to increase our ability to adapt  
By helping to realize the goals of this plan, we ensure a stronger and even more effective future for Rotary – a tremendous legacy. Our club plan is rooted in our tried-and-true values and builds on the remarkable capabilities and the spirit of Sea Island Rotarians. It is clear-eyed about the challenge that Rotary and the world face.
  • It protects the value of human connection in an age of technology.
  • It lays out a path for bringing great ideas to the forefront of the global and community imagination of what’s possible.
  • It will provide us with a continuity of vision from year to year, keeping us moving toward our shared purpose.
                Committees of Sea Island Rotary Club responsible for implementation of the Action Plan are to include
  • Education Committee – Joe Mantua
  • Vocational Services Committee – Andy Borgert
  • Membership Committee – David Zeoli
  • Public Image Committee – Randy Atkins
  • Community Service Committee – Bob Ellis
  • Fund Raising Committee – Anna Graham
  • Club Foundation Committee – John Perrill
  • Club Services Committee – Carson Bruce
Sea Island Rotary Club’s Club Priorities are presented by the various committee chairmen as outlined in the four various program priorities to define the club’s commitment to service above self throughout the club’s year of community outreach.
Club Priorities
            Priority #1 – Increase of Impact
  1. Continue to support international, district, and club impact initiatives: Polio Plus, CART, Smile Mobile
  2. Increase literacy and educational impact in our community
  3. Promote economic development and diversity in Beaufort
  4. Sustain community service efforts currently in place and increase impact of these efforts through monetary and member support
            Priority #2 – Expand Our Reach
  1. Grow current outreach: Rotary Reader, Interact, Uniform and Scholarship Programs
  2. Develop and execute a plan for initiating Rotaract at USCB
  3. Improve community awareness of SIRC’s role and impact in the community
  4. Respond to community needs and align with local agencies that address these needs
            Priority #3 – Enhance Participant Engagement
  1. Improve member participation in committees, club socials, and weekly meetings
  2. Develop intentional mentorships for new members
  3. Increase participation in Rotary Leadership Learning opportunities
  4. Enhance the use of technology and social media to engage and inform members
            Priority #4 – Increase Our Ability to Adapt
  1. Improve club structures to utilize technology and align with Rotary International
  2. Intentionally promote and sustain the legacy of Sea Island Rotary Club and Rotary International
  3. Creatively manage fundraising and community service during health and social crises
  4. Increase diversity of club membership
Strategic Plan 2020-2025 Adopted and approved by the Board of Directors on July 14, 2020.