Posted by Mitsy Ellis-Simpson on Mar 07, 2019
Is breastfeeding the best option for babies?  We had a full house at our general luncheon meeting today with Dr. Natasha Frett, our guest speaker who spoke on the pros and cons of “Breastfeeding”. 
Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to six months however the child can continue breastfeeding for a longer time.  Typically up to a year but it’s not unpopular for a child to breastfeed longer.  The mother will continue to produce milk once the child continues to breastfeed.  Breastfeeding can also be considered a part of family planning as was highlighted.  It was a lively and informative session with many questions from the floor.  Bottom line, breastfeeding is recommended in the first instance. 
Past President Henry Creque also spoke and shared information on the Rotary’s Endowment Fund.  Please see video link for more information on the Endowment Fund.  
Meeting ending with a lively session by the Sargeant-At-Arm Lorna Smith.