GotDuck 2022 Another Success!

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We did it again!
For the second year in a row - GOT DUCK ticket sales will pay for an entire month of Food4Kids'   Again our  amazing sponsors helped to meet this target.  
The Rotary Club of Guelph Wellington just finished their annual Rubber Duck Race on July 1 of this year. The club has been running the ducks down the mighty Speed River, on Canada Day, for over 30 years. This year, as we have since the start of the Covid pandemic, the event was held virtually and ducks were only sold on-line. Our charity of record, as in 2021 was Food4Kids Guelph.
In 2021, we made a 2-year commitment to fund this group. Their needs are so great. There are an estimated 500 severely food insecure children in Guelph. Food4Kids helps to close the weekend hunger gap by providing healthy food bags for children, at their schools on Friday, to take home each weekend.
Last July, we were able to provide approximately $26,000 to F4K and this year, despite poor ticket sales, we will provide a cheque for $25,000. Both years we had great support from many corporate sponsors including Zehrs, who were responsible for providing our Grand Prize and Rona (Guelph), who supplied multiple prizes for Early Bird draws, plus many other groups from the Guelph area. A cheque presentation was made on July 25, 2022 to Food4Kids. Donna Graham attended and accepted the cheque on behalf of Food4kids. Peter Marchand from Zehrs was unable to attend due to issues at their facility. n Range.
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Water & Sanitation Month

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Clean water and sanitation is a human right. When people, especially children, have access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, they lead healthier and more successful lives.
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Africa-Learning More-Country of the Month -Namibia

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We will feature one country at a time highlighting the good, and the not so good if applicable - and identify needs. NAMIBIA - SW Africa - After looking at the "Tourism" video please review the additional videos, some of which share information on issues such as HIV-AIDS / Malaria (References support of the the Billings WY Rotary Club) / Poverty / Impact of uranium mining on workers' health / Job development = Training local diamond cutters..... Click on more... below

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Shelter Box Canada - Org. Change

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We would like to advise our supporters of a unanimous decision made recently by the Board of ShelterBox Canada that will impact all stakeholders. ShelterBox Canada will now operate as Disaster Aid Canada
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Hopewell Homes

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John and Joanne Oosterhuis the founders of Hopewell Homes shared the history and current activities.
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