Membership Options
  • TRADITIONAL MEMBERSHIP ($525): Price includes one named member that participates in full Rotary Privileges. Weekly lunches are included in membership fee.
  • YOUNG PROFESSIONAL ($475) : This is a discounted membership offered to professionals ages 18-39.  Members will receive all of the privileges of Howell Rotary Membership and are expected to participate fully in service projects and fulfilling the mission of Rotary.
  • CORPORATE MEMEBERSHIP ($725)* : Price includes two named members participate in full Rotary Privileges.  Up to 3 additional members can be added for a membership rate fee of $125 per person. Member’s names must be listed for the records of Howell Rotary.  Any member is welcome and encouraged to attend the weekly meetings.  If more than one member of the CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP attends a meeting all additional members will be expected to cover the expense of the lunch at that time. (currently $15)
  • NON-PROFIT MEMBERSHIP ($565)* : This is the same as the CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP designation, but discounted for those holding a NON-PROFIT status.
  • SHARED MEMBERSHIP ($675)* : Spouses or Adult Children of Howell Rotarians can be listed as individual Rotarians. They will have full Rotarian privileges and are expected to participate in service projects. They can hold positions on Committees or Boards. This is for two people; each additional family member must pay $100.  This membership includes only one weekly lunch, all others will pay the lunch expense the day of their attendance ($15).
*ALL Group Membership Tiers will receive only one invoice for the entire group addressed to the senior-most Rotarian representing the group