From Doctor to Philanthropist - Giving Back
Jun 16, 2021 11:45 AM
Dr. Nagaraju on Giving Back
From Doctor to Philanthropist - Giving Back

Dr Nagaraju and his late wife Renuka Nagaraju have dedicated their entire life to eliminating the economic barriers in all walks of life. One of their main tools is education at all levels.

Dr. Nagaraju, himself,  is a follower of Mahatama Gandhi and his non-violence principles. He has studied and used Gandhi's teachings and principles to pomote peace.  The Nagaraju's created and continue to support the Genessee County Committee on Peace which hosts the annual Peace Day activities including essay contests in schools at all levels and recognizes Peacemakers who have made an impact in the community.

In 1991 Dr. Nagaraju established the Genessee County Free Medical Clinic in order to serve the health care needs of the employed uninsured who do not qualify for health insurance or government programs and are between 18-65 years of age and 200% below poverty level. This grass roots effort provides all medical services free of charge to the patients. 50 physicians, 45 nurses, internal medicine residents, pharmacists, and clerical staff volunteer their time at the clinic. In addition, over 258 volunteer physicians engaged in various medical specialties accept referrals of clinic patients.  This Free Clinic has been the benchmark model for other grassroots clinics across the country.  

Dr. Nagaraju and his wife Renuka have been instrumental in addressing the clean water needs of India and have been the catalyst for bringing world known engineers and scientists together for annual conferences in discussing long term solutions including two major bodies of water (Ganges River and Kaveri River) over 2,000 km apart. 

In the early 2000's, Dr. Nagaraju gave up his profession to follow his dream of becoming a spirutal teacher. He now has apened an Ashram or school for children from nearby rural villages in India to provide education, music and other acitiviies including hot meals to over 80 students.

Come join us and listen to the interesting story of Dr. Nagaraju path from being an award winning Doctor to how the Nagaraju foundation continues to give back.

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