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Today we met on Kathy Jenkins' deck for New Haven, Connecticut style pizza, homemade cream of tomato soup, and a salad full of veggies.  The Sylvan Lake weather cooperated and was delightful!

Our fieldtrip this week took us to the Pontiac Transportation Museum, phase 1 of the museum is opening to the public May 16th, 2024, but we got a sneak peek of the museum a week before the grand opening. The first thing you will notice when you pull up is the striking 35 ft wide mural that graces the west wall of the PTM building.  Inside the re-developed 55,000sq. foot building we got to see a variety of rarities and one of kind rides, old and new, along with some artifact displays and an interactive slide show that contains a huge amount of history.  We had lunch in the new theater and Terry Connolly told us the history of how the building was acquired and all the progress they have made to getting the museum up and running. This museum is going to be a little gem in Pontiac that everyone should visit.  To find out more, including the prices and days of operation go to www.pontiactransportationmuseum.org

This week we went on a field trip to the Pontiac Creative Arts Center with host and President Charlene Dwyer.  (PCAC) has continued its mission of “Cultivating arts and culture in the community through exhibitions, education, and outreach.”  Ongoing exhibits are presented, workshops and classes are offered, and various community events are held throughout the year.  Youth, adult, and special programming keep the PCAC an active art hub in Pontiac and Southeast Michigan with classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, wood turning, dance, drumming, and ceramics. ​
This week our speaker was Brandi Vorhoff, Home Depot Store Manager. Through our conversation we got to learn a lot about our local Pontiac Home Depot, like that they are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, they are also the largest Home Depot in the area with 53 million in sales, they take pride in having great customer service, and unlike most businesses, Covid really helped increase their sales.  Brandi also spoke about Home Depot’s willingness to be diverse when it comes to women in the workplace and how they have training programs specifically based to train women and have women leadership programs.
This week our speaker was Lisa Brown, Oakland Co Clerk / Register of Deeds.  Lisa spoke to us about a program that she developed where you can subscribe to free email alerts when new documents of interest are recorded at the Register of Deeds.  This will let users be notified of any activity happening on their property by sending alerts to potential real estate fraud. This innovated program has received national acclaim and was showcased at the Google Next ’19 conference.
This week we went on a field trip to tour the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Pontiac.  We got to watch workers pick, pack and ship, showing us what it is like to work inside the huge facility.  We got to learn about the innovative technology that moves the products throughout the building with the use of Amazon Robotics.  Watching the logistics of how the Amazon operating system works was truly incredible.  For anyone interested in doing a tour of this amazing place here is the link to get started booking your tour.  https://amazontours.com/
This week our guest speaker this week was Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard and Max (a cute little comfort dog).  The Sheriff started the conversation talking about the 87 drones that the county uses for many purposes, with a drone’s thermal technology they have used them to find missing children, chased down fleeing criminals (because a drone can move quicker then most police), they are used as first responders in live 911 calls.  Because drones have become such a useful resource, Oakland County has created their own curriculum for their in-house drone training, and now the rest of the country is also learning that curriculum from Oakland County.
This week our speaker was State Representative, Brenda Carter (and her husband Randy).  Brenda spoke about some of the work she has accomplished in the house of representatives and some of the chairs she sits on such as the insurance committee, the poverty and homeless taskforce, and the labor caucus. But what Brenda was most excited to discuss was the relationship between the Pontiac Rotary and the Kusatsu Rotary Club in Japan.
Club Meeting Information
We meet In Person
Thursdays at 12:00 p.m.
Goldner Walsh Garden & Home
559 Orchard Lake Road
Pontiac, MI 48341
United States of America
Meetings 1st and 3rd Thursdays. Field trip on 2nd Thursday. Watch calendar for updates! Please RSVP to Gale at gale@elliottwoodworking.com by 3pm Tuesday to reserve your $15 box lunch.

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Re: School District of Pontic Board
Happy Independence Day
Jul 04, 2024
No Summer Eatings this week!
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Liberty Bar & Poutinerie
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