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Join us in January as Dr. Leigh helps us explore new trends in health management.  Check the calendar for our exciting lineup of speakers!
Still keeping with the Health theme, today's Rotary speaker was Dr. Jeffrey Remer from Eight Gate Acupuncture & Wellness.  Dr. Remer spoke to the group about the benefits of Acupuncture and the years of schooling required to become truly certified in this field of work.  He explained that Chinese acupuncture views the body as a universe and the various diseases and ailments that we suffer from are named for elements such as fire and wind.  The discussion was very insightful and was a unique way to look at overall health.  Learn more about Dr. Remer at http://eightgatewellness.com
Renee' Starfield spoke to our club about her role as a certified Natural Health Practitioner.  She practices Heal-thy Self Balanced Health and wellness through naturopathic and bodywork therapies. Her work background includes Spas, Chiropractic, Pain and Rehabilitation.  She reminded us that everything we put in and on our bodies impacts our health and well-being. Learn more about Renee at her Facebook, Heal-thy Self Balance Health and Wellness.
.. was held at Goldner Walsh on December 14th!  Our thanks to President Tim for hosting such a festive holiday gathering!
Navid Mehram, chief engineer for the commissioner's office (our speaker) said it could take up to 100 years to completely replace all the lines which are past their expected life in Pontiac.The Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office is continuing repair and replace parts of Pontiac's aging water and sewer system. 
Today we had a visit from our District Governor, Barry Fraser and Assistant Governor, Rhonda Panczyk joined us for our meeting.  The Board met with them prior to the meeting.  D.G. Fraser shared with the group all the wonderful things that are taking place in our district, as well as internationally.  We found out that there are only 15, reported polio cases, which is a considerable drop from last year's 37.  This decrease is a significant sign that the eradication of polio will happen soon.  We had the opportunity to share with the District and Assistant Governor all the wonderful things that we are doing in the community, such as our annual Career Day. 
Following the meeting, President Tim Travis gave D.G. Fraser and A.G. Panczyk a tour of his nursery, as well as our Rotary Park.
Inspired by his mother, Dorothy Smith, Reggie wants each of us to experience her creations.  His mission is to create the absolute best dessert and to offer us the best possible customer service.  He brought us a delicious sample for our dessert.  The pictures of some of his creations were amazing!
Kristen is a managing shareholder and Patent Attorney at the Dobrusin Law Firm.  She represents clients who are tier-one suppliers for the automotive industry, medical diagnostic and device manufacturers and consumer product and packaging producers.  She educated us on Intellectual Property.  It is a protectible and possessory interest in products of the mind.  
Rotary Park is located just east of Goldner Walsh on Orchard Lake Road.  It is directly in front of Wesson Lawn Tennis, formerly the Hayes Jones Center.
Bob Babinski, who works for the State of Michigan Elevator as an Accident Investigator, was our Rotary Speaker today.  He shared the ups and downs of a business he has been in since 1977.  When he retired, he went to work for the State and now investigates accidents as a result of elevators and even escalators.  It was fascinating to get an inside perspective of how the elevators work - pulley system or hydraulics.  Rotarians in attendance at today's meeting will definitely have a different outlook when riding on an elevator or an escalator. 
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