PROGRAM/CLUB ASSEMBLY: Kim Leugers invited the Casual Quilters of Brighton to present to the Club today.
GUESTS:   Helen Singer and Terri Dubuc our luncheon presenters from Casual Quilters of Brighton, Mike Loy, Barb Cleveland, and Shane McKenzie
TWO TRUTHS & A LIE:  Steve Monet presented this week, and had the Club guessing. 
Steve Monet --
1.  He once was a neighbor of Bill Anderson.
2. Steve once went to the Vest Pocket Theater (Great Lakes Theater) to see the musical “Hair”.  George and Melanie were also there, but they were not in the audience. So did Steve see more of George and Melanie than we can imagine? No one is talking, but if you aren’t familiar with the last scene of the musical “Hair”, the entire cast is nude on stage.
3. When Steve was the Mayor of Brighton, he recalls that there were discussions regarding the annexation of Genoa Township.
The Club picked #3 as the lie, and we were correct.
This wraps up our Two Truths & a Lie for this year.  Thanks to everyone for playing the game.
President’s Night is on Tuesday, June 28th at Mt. Brighton (instead of a luncheon meeting that Tuesday). Invitations will be going out soon.  There will be a 50/50 raffle – 3 tickets for $20 to pay for the night.
Rotary Raiders – There are five ramps on the schedule to be built in the next few weeks.  Starting tomorrow, Wednesday (June 1) and Thursday (June 2) the Rotary Raiders will be building a ramp on Orr Lake Drive.  Building begins at 2pm each day.  Next week, the Rotary Raiders will be building another ramp on Wednesday (June 7th) and Thursday (June 8th). Contact Brian Donovan if you can help. 
This Saturday, June 4th, volunteers are needed at Gleaners from 9am – noon.
Crash or Dash – As of today there have been 80 volunteers registered for the Dash or Crash.  If you are a committee chair, please get your volunteer sheets back to Donna Craig by June 15th, so that she can match up the volunteers with your committee needs.
Help the Brighton Rotary Foundation Scholarship fund.  It’s easy!!! When Rotarians, family and friends shop at Kroger and use the KrogerPlus Card, the dollar amount of eligible purchases will contribute toward the scholarship fund.  Register online at Then link your KrogerPlus Card to Brighton Rotary Foundation #39098.  NOTE – Your purchases will NOT count toward Scholarships until you register your KrogerPlus card.  You must re-register every year.
Upcoming Events:
6/25/16                         Second Annual Mt. Brighton Dash or Crash
PROGRAM:  Helen Singer and Terri Dubuc from the Casual Quilters of Brighton honored our Rotarian veterans today with quilts of valor.  This tradition began in 2003 when a mother made a quilt for her son who was going to serve in Iraq. While over there, the soldier’s buddy was injured and needed to be air lifted to Germany.  Before his buddy left for Germany, the soldier covered him with the quilt his mother made for him. Upon learning that, his mother made another quilt for her son.
Another buddy of the son was injured, and again the son covered him with the second quilt.  This tradition continues, and over the last 13 years there have been almost 138,000 quilts given in thanks to veterans. Each quilt has a tag thanking the veteran for his/her service.
To learn more about this worthy service, go to  Today we were fortunate to witness six of our members receive a quilt of valor, giving us all a chance to personally thank them for their service.  Those veteran Rotarians included:
Dennis Whitney – He was a hospital corpsman in the Navy from December 1961 – April 1966.  He was stationed in San Diego. 
LuAnn Loy – She served in the Army from 1975-1977.  She worked on aircraft rotors in Germany.  After her military service she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.
Dennis Kallio -  He served in the Army from December 1967 – December 1970.  He was stationed in Wurmberg, Germany, and was responsible for keeping track of inventory and documents, as the system went from paper to electronic data.
Ron Cleveland – Ron was also in the Army from 1965 – 1968.  He was in Special Forces, was a paratrooper, and radio operator during his service.  He was stationed in Panama and was responsible for overseeing and protecting the Panama Canal.     
Chris Spensley – He served in the Air Force for six years, ending just recently in December 2015.  In his last year of service he was deployed to Kuwait. 
Ed Copp – Ed served in the Army from 1969-1971.  He was stationed at Fort Knox and Fort Bragg before being deployed to Vietnam in 1970-1971.  He was responsible for artillery surveillance.
The Rotarians gave a standing ovation and enthusiastic thank you to our Rotary Veterans for their sacrifice and service.  We can never thank you enough for putting our country first.
Drawing:   Jeff Toole, Cathy Riesterer, and Tom Zizka (Melanie Moses picked for Tom) were unable to find the Ace of Spades.
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