Posted by Richard Perlberg on May 23, 2017
PROGRAM: Leo E. Hanifin, chair of the Livingston County Transportation Coalition, gave a presentation on efforts to create a comprehensive county transportation plan.
GUESTS: Tim Christoson of Bible Baptist Church in Howell.
  • Peggi Bourke has everyone stand up and congratulate the entire club for the great Dash or Crash event at Mt. Brighton Saturday that drew a record number of runners and greatly increased funds from first two years. Executive Dash or Crash committee meets Wednesday and will report final numbers to club next week.
  • Sunrise club has collect 550 books for its mini-libraries, thanks in part to great support from the Interact Club. Books are still being accepted.
  • President’s Night is Tuesday, June 27, at Mt. Brighton.
  • If you are in town Memorial Day, Mark Marker invites you to stop by Rollerama to enjoy the music at Furstock, a fund-raiser from noon to 9 p.m. for the Humane Society.
  • The anonymous donor of 500 dollars sent a thank you note to the 26 Rotarians who took part in the reading contest, raising money for the scholarship fund.
  • Guest Tim Christoson is pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Howell. At the 11 a.m. June 4 service, the congregation will be thanking first responders from the community, followed by a lunch. He encourages members to spread the word among area police, firefighters, EMTS, etc.
  • LuAnn Loy announced that the band and choir from BHS will benefit from a golf outing at Whispering Pines on June 3.
  • Katherine Lawrence Copp passed the hat for the BHS drum line that performed so well at the start-finish line for Dash or Crash.
Dr. Leo Hanifan, a Brighton Township resident who is a retired dean of the College of Engineering and Science at U-D Mercy, is chair of the Livingston County Transportation Coalition. The coalition, now made up of 80 area groups and organizations, wants to create a county transportation authority whose first task would be to complete a comprehensive transportation plan. That plan would then be presented to citizens and, if accepted, then enacted.
This is a primarily auto-dependent county with up to 75 percent of working adults commuting outside the county for their jobs. Even though cars are primary, the coalition believes that transportation should be about options, such as buses, walking, biking and commuter trains. Even though this is seen as an affluent county, about 900 households do not have a car and more than 4,000 people are physically disabled.
Even those who expect to totally depend on cars will benefit from other forms of public transportation, according to Hanifan. Examples: Businesses whose customers cannot now reach their stores; economic development that often follows transportation investment; slowing the aging of the county as young people prefer communities with transportation options.
The coalition’s next meeting is 3 p.m. June 13 at the county’s mental health building in Howell. Brighton Rotarian Scott Griffith is one of the speakers.
No one grabbed the Ace of Spades, but 7 Rotarians did come away with dandy Dash or Crash beer mugs.