Recently, the Club held a fundraiser to provide opportunities for housing those refugees that are fleeing from the war in Ukraine.  All of the news outlets continue to provide information on the number of refugees that are crossing borders to escape the conflict.  Housing for these refugees is an issue.  One of the components to Rotary, on an international level is support for our fellow man.  
Our Ukraine ShelterBox Fundraiser was more of a success than we could have ever imagined.  Working with the ShelterBox organization, the cost of a ShelterBox is about $1000.  As a result of our fundraiser, we raised about $17,000 and will be able to provide housing and shelter for 17 families.  We are thankful for all those members of the families who came out for our dinner, and made contributions in addition to the dinner tickets, to support this project and made additional contributions too.  
Thank You.