Rotary Club of Burlington Lakeshore
Guatemala School Project in Memory of Hectorine Villanovich
Due to global warming and now with COVID-19, the very poor people of Guatemala that are living high up the mountainside cannot provide food to sustain their families.  The government provided an area where they can build the "shack" community in the hopes for finding work but did not provide schools.
Without schools there's no future for these children and without going to school, these children don't even have a lunchtime meal that the volunteers at the school provide.  The school needs a better and larger kitchen.  The kitchen was originally built for 150 students and is now serving over 700 children.
(Left) is Hectorine Villanovich at a school.  She worked lovingly for these children.  Upon her death recently a school was named in her memory.  Her wish was to continue helping the children of Guatemala.  Rotary has embraced the challenge to provide schools and a future for these children.  
The school is also in desperate need for more washrooms, as only 3 exist for over 700 children and teachers. 
More hand wash stations and drinking fountains are needed.  Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene is of high-priority.
Rotary needs to raise $75,000 to provide for water, toilets, wash stations, drinking fountains and a kitchen for a school of over 700 students.   
We're asking individuals, firms, and clubs to donate $50, $100, $500, $1000 or other.  Donations can be made by using one of the three options below:
Payable to:
Rotary Club of Burlington Lakeshore
C/O Aldo Villanovich
605-1201 North Shore Blvd E.
Burlington ON L7S 1Z5
Note: Please include your name and address for charitable donation receipts and specify donations to Guatemala School