May 31, 2018
Roger Boyd
The Soup Guy

Roger was born and raised in the Hamilton area and now resides in Ancaster.  He works full time and is a proud father to his 3 children Courtney, Riley and Ryan.  He is married to Janet and now is stepfather to Joshua and Morgan. He works a full time job and spends countless hours on charity work as you will see.  

While attending Flamborough Baptist Church in September 2016 he felt moved by his pastors message to love God with our whole heart and to find your ministry.  He went home and cleaned out his walk in closet of clothes then proceeded to take them directly to the street to hand out. Roger was inspired to continue and expand his ministry from that first meeting.  

Men’s Street Ministry started with Roger giving out clothes and serving soup in the back of his SUV 2 times per week.  The ministry has since grown and fund raised to acquire a trailer for serving and now go out 2 to 4 times per week to the street and  make 300 plus sandwiches per week and serve 40 to 80 gallons of soup or chili each week.

Roger the soup guy has continued his journey providing hope to the homeless and less fortunate by leading them to Christ and taking them to church.