Jun 27, 2019
Mr. Angelo Serafini - Oakville lawyer
Angelo is an incredibly interesting man whose father (a labourer/construction worker/home builder) used to recite passages to him (as lessons in life) from Dante's Inferno - which has been cited as the origin of the Italian language.  Dante's Inferno is about a man who fell from heaven and went to hell and talks of his journey - his fall from grace, to hell and up through purgatory and ultimately to heaven.  
Keep in mind, that Angelo is Italian and raised a "Catholic" but also with his father's recitations of Dante's Inferno - which is a secular book with religious overtones, instilled in Angelo a love of words and understanding human nature and our place in this world.  
Angelo's upbringing influenced him to obtain an undergraduate degree in "Philology" which is the origin and meaning of words.  
Angelo is a well-read man and his presentation will captivate and shed light on some of the misconceptions or unrecognized facts of why things or words are the way they are today.