Dec 13, 2018
Robert Edmondson
Protection of Drinking Water Sources

Robert is the Chair for the Halton-Hamilton Source Protection Committee with a mandate for protecting drinking water supplies in the City of Hamilton and Region of Halton. The committee is one of 19 across Ontario that was formed for this purpose following the tragedy at Walkerton that occurred in 2000 where the town’s drinking water supply was contaminated resulting in seven deaths and over 2000 suffering from the consequences of contaminated water. As part of their community outreach program Robert would like to offer to provide a presentation to the Rotary Club that would highlight the program and how the protection of drinking water supplies is being dealt with in the Halton and Hamilton area. Basically  covering:

The tragedy of Walkerton and other cases of contaminated water supplies;

Steps the province took to protect drinking water;

The formation of the Source Protection Committee and its membership;

The identification of significant threats to our municipal wells and Lake Ontario intakes;

The development of a Plan to ensure those drinking water sources are protected now and in the future