Oct 04, 2018
Samantha Murray
House of Friendship

House of Friendship– it encompasses a rickshaw ambulance that helps take pregnant women to and from the hospitals in places where it’s hard to get transportation. It’s part of a larger project called Change the Birth Story and focuses on Maternal and Newborn Child Health in 5 different countries.

Bio of Sam Murray:

Her name is Sam Murray and she is an Associate at Plan International Canada on the Community Events and Organizations team. She manages third party event fundraisers and community groups, such as Rotary Clubs. She enjoys working with other change-makers and loves getting to know what they are passionate about. Previously, she was an intern at the United Nations Refugee Agency, and Peace Brigades International. She studied History and Human Rights at Carleton University, studying for a brief time at Jean Moulin University in Lyon, France. In her free time, she likes to work out, walk her dog and cook – only vegetarian meals though! She grew up in Burlington (Milcroft) and now lives with her dog and partner at a beautiful park in Toronto.