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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be no Rotary meetings held at the Holiday Inn until further notice. Don't miss our weekly virtual meetings!

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Virtual Tasting Event with real Wines and Chocolates

February 13, 2021


Have you had enough fun yet this year?

Are you perhaps participating in a dry January?

Fear not, February is coming. President Owen and his trusty band thrill seeking Rotarians would like to invite you to a VIRTUAL WINE TASTING EVENT held in the comfort of your own home and hosted virtually by Nadia Senchuk of Leaning Post Wineries. Leaning Post Wines offers distinctive, terroir driven wines for wine geeks.  From Leaning Post Wines you can expect a unique wine tasting experience focused on the celebration of terroir. They aim to have wines that show a sense of place… that is what terroir is all about.

Rotary will deliver 4 bottles of wine carefully selected by the winery to your home. They include a cohesive selection of their best sellers and the highlights of their styles.

  • 2019 The Fifty Chardonnay
  • 2019 Rose
  • 2019 The Fifty Pinot Noir
  • 2018 Cuvee Winona [Merlot/Syrah blend]

For your food selection we suggest ordering in from a local restaurant thus ensuring your complete control over dietary considerations and budget.

A box of delicious Walker’s chocolates will be delivered with the wine and made available for dessert.

If you wish to confirm your attendance please e-transfer the price of the wine and chocolate package of $100.00 to Keith Williams at before January 31. For more information please call Dave Beckett at 905-630-9554.


Four Burlington Rotary Clubs at Christmas
Together, the four clubs in Burlington joined to prepare 800 goody bags full of candy canes, chocolates, a cookie and other sweets ready to add to the Christmas Dinners served on Christmas Day by the Meal Bag Program at Wellington Square United Church.
It has been a tough year: some folk lost their jobs, families lost loved ones, some had health issues and some became more socially isolated than ever.  Many community partners, friends, churches, and organizations, including Rotary, rallied together and did everything they could to deliver a safe ‘pandemic proof’ Christmas dinner and deliver a message of hope to those in such need. The Meal Bag Program at Wellington United Church is so grateful for the Christmassy candy bags provided by the four Burlington Rotary Clubs that gave that special touch, a sweet ending to the Christmas dinner.
Our partners, volunteers and friends who delivered the hot meals heard inspirational stories of gratitude for the meal on Christmas Day.

Don Osborne, Board Chair, Carpenter Hospice(right) accepts two cheques from Mae Radford, Director, Rotary Club Burlington Central (left).The first cheque was for $1,250 in support of the HIKE for Hospice and the second for $5,000 is a part of Rotary's $20,000 commitment to the Hospice.
* * * * *

On the 4th Friday of every month, Rotary Club Burlington Central delivers hygiene/cleaning products to the Meal Bag Program at Wellington Square Church.  Oct 23, Jamie Edwards (right), Mae Radford (left) drop off the items from club members to Lisa Lunski (centre) Community Coordinator.
* * * * *

ZOOM FAQ for Rotary Meetings
If you want to “Raise Your Hand” – click on “Participants” at the bottom of the screen and select the raised hand symbol, it may take some time but the host will get back to you.  You can always send the host a personal CHAT if you get no response.
Clicking on “Participants” also lets you select yes/no for a quiz or a poll.
If you need to switch your video off – click on the video button on the bottom left of the screen, if you move your mouse to the top right of your individual picture you will see a “hide self view” option – DO NOT USE THIS OPTION.  You can’t see yourself – but every else can still see you.
If you want to share a video to everyone in the zoom meeting, you will need to “share your screen”, but before you share you should start the video on your system and pause it – then share your screen > select the share audio in the bottom left and then click on the paused video and then resume playing.
A separate committee meeting may be scheduled following the regular meeting – a zoom breakout room will be set up and meeting participants will be moved to that room, the regular meeting will continue.
General Tips:
  • Try and place the camera at eye level
  • Make sure you have decent lighting (fluorescents will make you look very pale).
  • If you are using a virtual background, best to have a clear background behind you.
  • Stay muted until you need to speak.
This was the first Induction Celebration for our Club presented virtually.  There were some hurdles prior to the meeting, but we overcame them and the meeting started just after the scheduled time.
Guests arrived just before 6:45 pm and were entertained by our SAA Rod Collard until 7:00 pm.  We look forward to hearing the answers to the questions this Thursday morning. 
All stood as Piper, Gordon Scott, piped Owen, Nima and family in to start the celebration in true Scottish Canadian form. 
Family and Guests were welcomed and the traditional proceedings were started by David Dean at the piano playing the National Anthem.  Assistant Governor Janet Canavan led us with the Toast to Canada and Rotary.  Bernie Scrivener gave us the history of the Herb Stoneham Presidential induction event.
David Roscoe gave his final speech as President with reflections of his Rotary year.  He thanked the Board of Directors and SAA and announced two Rotarians of the Year.   Joe Watson and Keith Williams.
Lesley Barmania, District Governor, gave us an inspirational speech prior to the start of the formal presentation of the Pin exchange.
Lawrence Leung retired his Past Presidents Pin and said a few parting words thanking the Club members for assisting him during his year as president.
David Roscoe removed his Presidents Pin and replaced this with his Past Presidents Pin thanking the board members for all their assistance during the past year.
Owen McElhinney removed his President Elect Pin and Nima McElhinney pinned his kilt jacket with his new Presidents Pin.
Rene Papin received his President Elect Pin and said a few words looking forward to the next year prior to his presidency.
Kathy Thomas (Past President and Honorary Member) and Andrew Gaydon were asked to say a few words to help us better understand our new President – Owen McElhinney.  This ended with all singing Happy Birthday to Owen who just turned 60 the Monday previous.
The Rotary Club of Burlington Central, 35th President, Owen McElhinney, gave an inspiring speech and direction for the upcoming year, reflections and a sincere thank you to fellow Rotarians, past and present.  Owen greeted his Board of Directors for 2020/2021 and announced his Sergeant at Arms for the upcoming Rotary year – Mr. Joe Chalklin.
The meeting ended with Owen reciting the 4 Way Test, with some help from David, Lawrence and Rene.   Twice!
A special thank you to Sandhya Maini, District Governor Nominee, for all her support with the Zoom meeting.  
Thank you to everyone who attended the Zoom meeting!
Roy Cooper - Lifetime Achievement Award.  Roy, a founding member of the Rotary Club of Burlington Central and past District Governor of Rotary District 7080 was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at a ceremony at the Holiday Inn on May 23rd, 2019.  Many other founding members and past district governor attended.

Date Feb.25March 4March 11March 18March 25April 1April 8 
Captain PapinGowanHaanEdwardsCanavanWelhamAllinotte 
Attendance WillardWillardWillardWillardWillardWillardWillard 
Anthem BasnetLineLineLineLineDeanLine 
Toast PapinDeanFord-JonesGaydonO'ConnorRamsayBasnet 
Introduce Guests PapinMartinMayburyMohibiWatsonPapinFord-Jones 
Intro Speaker PapinRadfordReeveHillyerHowarthMayburyWarnica 
Speaker Community ServiceRussell Grosse, CEORay F. Wagner, QCHon. Karina GouldReally EntertainingSuper Exciting Not too exciting 
Thank Speaker PapinAllinotteAllisonAndersonLeungMartinReeve 
4 Way Test PapinBaillieBrindleRoscoeScrivenerWilliamsGowan 
Scribe ThoemBeckettJasperClarksonThoemBeckettJasper 
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