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    Rotagreetings from your Warren  Rotary  two days past the 77th anniversary of the  D-day landing on the Normandy coast of France that began the end of World War II.
With President Karen at the podium  we welcomed  our speaker , Eileen Heasley,who spoke to us about how Rotary has worked with A Vision for Clean Water to bring water to over 400,000 people worldwide.
  Eileen , a past president of the Rotary Club of Troy., is  co-founder of A Vision for Clean Water (AVFCW).  Representing both Rotary and AVFCW, she has volunteered tirelessly behind the scenes to support water and sanitation projects world-wide.
Thank you so much for such an inspiring and informational presentation, Eileen.
  Karen's impact statement "There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." Margaret J. Wheatley
        Parade 53 and Food Truck Rally our first fundraiser in over a year is was Saturday(June 5) from 12 – 8 pm.  and what a success it was! !We sold Margaritas at the Tiki Bar on the Pavilion in front of City Hall.  The weather was absolutely beautiful! The margaritas were fabulous.  We sold out and brought in a lemonade mix at the end. 
So, the moment you are all waiting for  -- Polio jar raised $320.  The rental of machines, the margarita mix, cups, napkins and Tiki Bar set up was a gift to the Warren Rotary Club from Warren Parks and Rec department.  After the expense of alcohol and taxes our profit for this event is $2922.51!!.  Huge thanks to the dedicated Warren Rotarians who came to work!
  Attention  next year's 'Presidents'.  All months  are now  covered.   Remember you must get your own speakers for your month/months, or you are the speaker!  The list will be handed out to everyone at the The President’s night party on June 29. The party is from 5 – 9 pm, with dinner being served at 6 pm.  A sign-up sheet was passed.  Members are free, and guests pay $25.  Cash bar. If you were not at the meeting , please let Karen and Frank know you plan to attend.
  Our last Board Meeting of this Rotary year is next week immediately following our regular meeting.
We  need to find members to take the following positions for next year…Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Foundation Chair, President Elect ( to serve as President  for 2022-2023) and Vice  President.   Secretary Jan needs to know if there are anymore resignations or change of status (Active or Honorary)from your Rotary journey so these can be changed by the middle of June.
  There was no raffle today!
Fines and Happies brought in $160 PolioPlus $7. 
Those not meeting in person are urged to send  checks to  Frank for the fines and happy dollars they are not here to contribute.. and especially  PolioPlus .  It is also possible to add to the dictionary fund which is in much need.
 Reminder, you can still donate an auction  item...when meeting in person. Keep it secret and let the  'buyer beware!' If you don't like what you get.. re-wrap and re-donate!
           Mount Clemens Rotary   in 1923  bought 120 acres in Ray Township (at the corner of29-Mile and Wolcott Roads) for $12,000 and  80 acres were developed for camp use. Camp Rotary was born!·
    Rotarians and sometimes whole Rotarian families, worked to build the shelters, dam, bridges, and other incidentals to make Camp Rotary a usable Scout camp. Over the years, not only the Boy and Girl Scouts, but schools, churches, and any other non-profit organization made use of Camp Rotary.
    Many Rotarians, their families and friends ,would use the camp for day out­ings and sometimes overnight camping.After World War II, more permanent structures were erected- Quonset huts, and overnight  buildings.
  In 1957, the Mount Clemens Rotary Club turned over the camp and $10,000 to the newly created Macomb County Rotary Camp and Training Association, Inc.T  his new organization had two representatives from each Rotary Club in the county on the Board of Directors.
     The other Macomb  clubs used the camp for their outings.Rotary activities, such as the annual Chicken Barbecue, were held last Sunday of August, Hundreds of Rotarians  and guests feasted on barbecued chicken,potato salad, corn on the cob, salads and desserts.
     Clubs  added a beer tent,  games,  contests, all kinds of  fun for the kids. Hikers explored the woods on the other side of the bridge. Folks played shuffle board.. tennis.. volley ball. It was an outstanding end of summer experience 
    Other groups in the community contributed to the improvement of Camp Rotary. The Telephone Pioneers (Michigan Bell retirees) replaced the old bridge across the Clinton River with the new "Little Mac" suspension bridge,
  The Warren Astronomical Society, and a 4 H Cl,ub (which sponsors eques­trian programs in the summer) have all made contributions.  The Warren Rotary Club built the large covered pavilion, which  enabled all kinds of activities
   However , as the years went by, many of the buildings fell into disrepair, the bathroom facilities  were in terrible shape , the  overnight use went down, and the Chicken Barbeque became less popular and was ended. 
     The cost of maintaining  then property became  exorbitant and in 1995  the Macomb County  board of directors sold the property to the Wolcott Mills Huron Metro Park. who promised to keep the Camp 
Rotary name . The profit from the sale became the Macomb County Rotary Foundation  and gives matching grants to clubs who apply.   
   Camp Rotary, with its acres of fields and woods, the beautiful North Branch of the Clinton River, has been upgraded and is absolutely  a wonderful area. The Metro Park system has modernized  and rebuilt the restrooms and the activity center. . It is possible to go there and picnic for free.. or rent the  pavilion or the activity center for all day for all sorts of activities.

June 22,2021
Jim Adams
June 29, 2021
Warren Rotarians
President Night
 Latest information  on polio 
                                         Afghanistan--1, Pakistan--1  No new cases!
 EXCITING & Important Polio News to share: For the first time all of the sites that undertake environmental testing for wild poliovirus in Pakistan and in Afghanistan near the border have concurrently shown no presence of the wild polio virus. This is tremendous progress in the 35 plus year effort to eradicate polio.
    We have also gone 17weeks without a wild poliovirus case. There have been just 4 cases of the wild polio virus in the last six months. We have seen 2 wild polio cases since January 1st.
   New rounds of the polio vaccination teams started today. Please keep the safety of our vaccinators in Pakistan and Afghanistan in your prayers. They are the heart of our polio eradication efforts.
  "The first Sub-National Immunization Days of the year will commence from June 07 to June 13, 2021. All polio high risk Union Councils and districts will be targeted during the SNIDs across Pakistan.
  We have worked with diligence and commitment in containing the circulation of wild polio virus in the first half of this year.
   Now that we are in the high transmission season, where the virus circulates at a much faster speed, we must be extra vigilant and alert in all polio high risk areas.
 To-date, we have only one WPV1 case as compared to 54 WPV1 cases, same time last year from 26 districts. Our mission must be to eradicate polio by the end of the year.
Our goal is to cover all missed children and refusals; those in transit and in communities where environment samples continue to test positive for the polio virus. Rotary must work together with district teams, partners, provincial governments and front line workers to monitor pre and post campaigns. Only when we achieve 100 % coverage of children under five years, will we be able to eradicate this disease.
Let us win this war against polio. Let us end polio now."
Fond regards
Aziz Memon
Trustee,The Rotary Foundation
Member, International PolioPlus Committee
National Chair, Pakistan PolioPlus Committee
June is the time of year when we turn our attention to finishing the donation goals we made. All the good works of Rotary depend on us to complete the job. Please do our Awesome Foundation people a favor and don't wait until the end of the month. Please send in your donations now! And please don't forget the promise we made to the children of the world.��
REMINDER: PLEASE SEND IN YOUR YEAR END PERSONAL, CLUB AND DISTRICT POLIO DONATIONS NOW AND MAYBE ADD A LITTLE EXTRA!  Mail is taking longer to get there and staff needs a little extra counting time this year.
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile