The Immigrant Child
The Rotary Club of Brampton celebrates Black History Month with Nadine Williams, delivering poetry “The Immigrant Child”. Nadine is a Poet and Author and was the recipient of the Deeds Speak Award from York Regional Police and has several certificates of recognition including Community Service from York Regional Police.
We also welcome Margaret Corion, Senior Case Manager at the Office of the Independent Review Director who talked about mediation services available to complainants and police officers who agree to address a complaint through mediation. Margaret has held investigative, adjudicative and oversight positions in several Ontario Public Service organizations. She has been a volunteer with St. Stephen’s Community House, Conflict Resolution and Training for over 25 years as a lead mediator and an associate lead trainer.
An Agency of the Attorney General receive over 3000 complaints each year and the Office of the Independent Review Director try to resolve them by having intimate conversations with Police Officers through mediation. The Police are doing good work in this Province; they are professionals.