Posted by Pat McGinnis on Nov 11, 2019
Veteran's Day -- Nov. 11 -- Flags went out in the blowing snow this morning and will be picked up tonight (and left to dry in the City garage).
Major Bill announced that the Salvation Army is preparing for the Red Kettle season. If you would like to help be a bell ringer, contact the local Salvation Army at 310 Despelder at (616) 842-3380 or Ground breaking for an almost 9,000 square foot addition to the building took place last Friday, Nov. 8 in rather cold weather.
Gail is bringing a group to Honduras in February.  If you want to go, contact her.
Brook Bisonet updated that club on the coat drive. We still have five more kiddoes to cover this winter (literally!). Please reach out to Brook if you can help at (616) 350-6232.
Jingle Bell Parade - the Chamber needs volunteers to assist with registration and crowd control.  For the past couple of years our club has partnered in this way.  If you’re able to help out please use the following link to register.
Interact will be involved in the following events and would like to invite Rotarians to participate:
1. Rake A Difference: Nov. 16th need as many people as possible!!!!!!!

2. Box city for Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week ~ Nov. 22nd-23rd sleep in a box in central park, listen to a speaker, statistics about homelessness in Ottawa county, bring in homeless person to tell us their story (maybe), and raise awareness.  Not a pleasant night but very powerful
3.  They meet on occasional Mondays from 2:50-3:30 and would love to have some of us participate. Please talk to Kevin to find out when the next meeting is.

Weekly Raffle --  The total pot stands at $199.50 (winner gets $99.75) No one won; rolls over for next week!
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Posted by Pat McGinnis on Nov 11, 2019
Committee Meeting Day!
Committees met to discuss important Club business.
New Generations/Vocational Service
Small group today!
International and Foundation 
Bill Buck and Kirsten Runschke are new co-chairs
They built an excellent, incomprehensible flow chart to set a course forward. Three committee members resigned.
Discussion about grant opportunities for 2020 and beyond
Club Service Administration
Major Holman was shanghied to be on the Committee 
Bell ringing Saturday, December 14 at Wal Mart
Teen gift drive for Salvation Army; emphasis on gift cards. Purchase and donate a gift card for the drive!
No Jingle Bell Parade party this year. RASH? Rotary After Standard Hours
Community Service
Should we poll our members to see if we have new things to try or old things to stop doing?
Partnering with the Grand Haven Eagles was considered - possibly a summer food-themed event?
Rejuvenate pancake breakfast?
Habitat for Humanity?
Highway Clean Up and Flag Setting remain standards for the club.
New Members and Public Image
Check in on FaceBook whenever you're here!
Budget for membership drive?
Discussion about using the videos that were produced a few years ago.
Next week's speaker is Barb VanHorsen from the Momentum Center OR a sneak preview of the high school musical - stay TUNED!
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