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Community Development Committee:
Addresses issues dealing with the physical state of a community and its outlying areas. Focuses on projects that deal with community centers, health facilities, infrastructure improvement, libraries, parks and recreational facilities, safety, sanitation, schools, and urban/rural revitalization. This committee receives funding requests, reviews them, and then recommends where the club will make grants back into the community.

Human Development Committee:
STRIVE Program - has been the primary focus of this committee. STRIVE is a program for high school Juniors and Seniors which integrates students with qualified, committed, educated mentors. This program is supported by community resources and provides incentives, rewards, and resources for academic achievement, attendance, and a positive attitude.

Environmental Protection Committee:
Looks at threats to the environment on both a global and community level. Develops projects involving beautification/clean-up campaigns, clean air, energy resource protection/promotion, forestation, noise abatement, recycling, soil conservation, waste and water management.

Annual Raffle Committee:
Plans the clubs largest fundraiser by selecting a beneficiary, planning ticket sales, the raffle event, promotion and the ultimate presentation of the proceeds along with volunteers to work on the beneficiary project, where appropriate.

Interact Committee/Liaison:
Establish and maintain a connection with the Interact Club at Grand Haven High School. (in process) Support financially initially until it becomes self-supporting. Invite Interact Club members to participate with Host Club activities and have at least one liaison or more participating in the Interact Club activities.