The Club 21 Rotary Youth Service Committee (YSC) focuses its funding on projects which address the needs that nurture children (pre-k to 21) in our community to help them develop the skills, attitudes, and values needed to become responsible adult citizens.  We view our expenditures as an investment in our shared community and do give preference to projects that benefit disadvantaged youth.

For a full description of the Youth Service Funding Guidelines Click Here.

Click here to apply for funding.

Committee Chairs: Brendan Wiechert, Darin Christensen, Co-Chairs

Meeting time: Third Thursday of each month, 7:30 a.m.  Meets at Express Employment Professionals Office
   331 W. Main Ave.

Committee Members:
Richard H. Denenny
John W. Lee
Maxine Lammers
KC Constable
Deborah J. Harper
Kate Benson
Doug Durham
Greg Montalbano
Ira Amstadter
John P. Everett
Eric Christiansen
Joe Bruce
Craig Dias
Jeffrey A. Barton
Burke R. Blevins
Thomas W. Stebbins
Edward L. Walker
Colene Rubertt
Jerry Hynes