Plano East Rotarians Major Remodel at Plano Food Pantry
By Rick Boyer
Plano East Rotary Club (PERC) started their January service project on 1/11/18. The Plano Food Pantry on 18th Street was the beneficiary. PERC remodeled the receiving room where families come to receive their food. It had been badly damaged by the shopping carts that are used to distribute the food. The project started on Friday with some prep work and material delivery; Saturday was demo day, the floor was removed and beadboard and chair rail were installed; Sunday the ceiling and walls were painted; Monday the new floor was installed. There are a couple things to finish this week. (Rick is working on them personally)
Participants in the project included: Kenny Wilson, Rick Maucieri, Ean Sullivan, Patti Henry, Sally Philipp, Gene Losey, David Rodgers, David Roger’s son Jason, Ellitt Braud, Randy Wright and Rick Boyer.
Thank you to all the participants.
Rick Boyer,
Service Chair
PHOTOS: TOP: David Rogers, Rick Boyer, Jason Rogers,  and Gene Losey contemplate installation of first floor plank. NEXT: First plank in place.  #3: Cutter Gene stands by as Jason and Rick align tile and adhesive applicator Randy Wright stands by for next "smear." BOTTOM: Success! Gene, Jason and Rick cheer 70% of floor installed. You can see wall finish in background.