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At our September 21st meeting, we welcomed our newest member, Scott McDonald to Orofino Rotary. Scott is a retired law enforcement professional. We are very fortunate to have him join the club! Welcome to Rotary Scott! Scott's sponsor is Mike Ricommini. Thanks for the hard work Mike and the low profile!
This week's program was a 2nd classification talk by our eldest member Marvel Hathaway.  Marvel was born in 1915.  Not only is the eldest member Orofino Rotary, but probably the eldest member in District 5080.  Marvel, assistance by Gini White, shared details of her life, growing up on a farm, and family life in the days before many conveniences we have today.  Thanks for sharing with us Marvel.  We look very much look forward to your upcoming 104th  Birthday!
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Our Immediate Past President has been inconspicuously absent from board and club meetings for some time now as she is at home healing from a breakage in one of her legs.  We won't go into the full details here, but if you would like to learn those details, she would be happy to share with you, but you will need to go to her home to do so.  Lynn has been a huge blessings to Orofino Rotary and although she will try to attend our meeting on September 28th, she would love to have some company visit at her home.  Please give her a call at (208) 827-1412 to arrange a visit.  Guaranteed you will not be disappointed!