In August, the Comstock Park Rotary Club met the first and third Thursday at Dwight Lydell Park and Wahlfield Park respectively.  Part of the reason for that is the social distancing required at meetings, but as it turned out, the weather was simply perfect each day. 
While our summer fundraising projects, (our BBQs) had to be cancelled, it does not mean  we had to forego other projects, and on Saturday, August 29, some of our members partnered with staff and parents of Zinzer School to complete a project that began in August of last year.  
Zinser school is located on Kinney Rd. in Walker and is part of the Kenowa Hills School System.  Years ago, the elementary school had a built- in terrace with a huge tree, various plants and flowers.  It is in the open, surrounded by classrooms. The terrace has been somewhat neglected over the years so last year club members got together and cleared out all the rubbish and unwanted growth.  The intent was to come back in the spring and plant new growth, ground cover, and install a little waterfall.  With the pandemic, work had to be postponed until August of this year.  Thanks to the guidance of Rotarian Dan Clark of Clark Nurseries, and the watchful eye of Rotarian and Superintendent of Kenowa Hills Schools Gerald Hopkins,, the project was completed before  students returned to classes.  Students will be able to enjoy this special school feature, learn about botany, and continue the upkeep.  Many thanks to all the Rotarians who participated, especially Dan Clark and Clark Nurseries.