“The global effort against COVID-19 depends on actions taken in every country. As people of action, this is our time to connect with each other to offer immediate help to people in need.” – Mark Daniel Maloney, Rotary International President, 2019-2020.
     So many catastrophic events happen every year but most do not affect our local community, or even our continent.
This year we are face a different kind of disaster, one that affects the entire world, including the State of Michigan, our own community and our own family and neighbors.  Many activities have been delayed or postponed, including our Rotary barbeques.
     Gatherings of groups are not allowed at this time, although we continue to meet together through modern media.  Our community has its own needs.  Food banks are running short.   At this time, face masks are not available to many whose jobs makes it necessary to meet the public.  
     To assist in addressing the needs of our local community, the Comstock Park Rotary generously contributed $4,000 to our local food bank, "Feeding America".  This great organization is able to turn $4,000 into 40,00 meals. We are very happy that we could assist in meeting their needs.
In addition, the Comstock Park Rotary Club was able to acquire 2,700 face masks at a very good price.  As of today, 2,000 of these have already been distributed to facilities in our community to help alleviate the current shortage.  
     All this is resulting in a drain of our resources, especially if future barbeques at Dwight Lydell Park (our main source of revenue)  are in jeopardy, but we feel this is the best way we can help our current situation.