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Coco Tan Aug 08, 2018 12:45 PM
The Benefits of Raw Food
The Benefits of Raw Food
Chris  Tan aka  Coco Avocado  lives in Hong Kong and got diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. She decided against school medicine and healed herself with the power of food.
On her discovery journey she learned amazing things about alternative medicine and no harm effective cancer therapies and has been fascinated by the the role food plays on human health.
Today, Coco gives lectures worldwide on the topic of “Healthy through Prevention” and “ The Power of Food “  and when she feels “bored" in her Fashion Business she works as a Consultant for Alternative Cancer Clinics and is a Corporate Lifestyle Coach.
Neelam Harjani Aug 15, 2018
Learn 5 techniques to master stress management by connecting body and mind.
Learn 5 techniques to master stress management by connecting body and mind.
Neelam Harjani is the founder of Inspire Yoga operating in Hong Kong since 2010. Driven by a passion for personal transformation her focus on private yoga programs enables her clients to attain an inner freedom as they unlock tension and stiffness on a physical level. A strong believer in the mind body connection her approach to yoga is to work with posture and movement to gain mental clarity and emotional peace by linking breathing and mindfulness techniques to the yoga practice. As the author of the recently launched book "Secrets to Live Stress Free" her vision to create an inner awareness as a starting point to holistic wellness has been well received by busy executives and high performing corporations. With a team of dedicated yoga teachers she is inspired to provide an antidote to the fast pace of the city encouraging a creation of stillness and space within. 
Having more than 20 years experience in yoga she has formulated a system that draws attention to our intentions. Bringing out the need for silence during stressful times and how to nourish our energy by adopting a value of acceptance and gratitude. She has seen personally how this shift in mindset has created an impact to let go of suppressed tightness and be guided by her deepest aspirations- this was when she moved from investment banking to Inspire Yoga. As a mother of 2 young children she is determined to share her message of raising consciousness through yoga to provide the next generation techniques to empower an inner balance from the over stimulus of the information age.  
Jeff Rotmeyer Aug 22, 2018
Jeff Rotmeyer is the founder of Love 21 Foundation, a charity supporting the Down Syndrome and autistic community with health and nutrition programmes. 
And also a charity called ImpactHK which transforms the lives of the homeless and gives them a second chance 
Jeff is dedicated to living a meaningful life through social work and is passionate about making positive impact for those in need.
Bernice Lee Sep 12, 2018
Business Etiquette

Bernice is a unique consultant and trainer who has publicly served over 1,700 business people, coaches, and consultants in Hong Kong, teaching them about how to boost their confidence and careers through the mastery of etiquette. She is invited to speak to a wide variety of audiences who benefit from her knowledge. They include tertiary institutions, chambers of commerce, professional associations, private members’ clubs, and non-profit organizations. She is a member of the Hong Kong Speakers Bureau. Using a combination of proprietary models in business etiquette and leadership tools, Bernice provides a unique approach to enhancing your personal brand and interpersonal skills in social and business settings. Her mission is to enhance the professionalism of the business community in Hong Kong. Her vision is to create communities strengthened by friendliness, courtesy and respect. She works in partnership with her clients to ensure targeted presentations and events that focus on creating behavioral shifts while having fun.