Sharing a very heartwarming update from Mark Zack. In a past project, we worked with Mark and the Equal as One organization to bring clean drinking water to the community clinic in Nigeria: 
"I hope all is well.  In recognition of WASH month and Skyline Rotary's amazing partnership, I wanted to let you know that all is good with the borehole well and septic system at Kindred Clinic.  In the attached composite picture, the top photo is the water supply before our project and the bottom picture is the school children filling their water bottle with clean, potable water on their way to school each day.  As I've shared before, all of the neighbors within walking distance are using the clean water for their cooking needs and drinking supply daily.
The septic system has been invaluable in day-to-day operations of the clinic.  My favorite quote from the local tribal chief is "Thank you, this clinic and it's water supply are literally saving lives in our community every day. Thank you."