This year the Rotary Club of Windsor will be supporting the Hants Community Hospital in their continuing efforts to bring the very best of care to the citizens of West Hants, Windsor and Hantsport. With their donations supporters of previous Special Fund Campaigns have assisted the hospital with their purchase of a cardiac crash cart in 2005 and a vital signs monitor in 2001. With 24 acute care beds and 14 transitional care beds many clients at the Hants Community Hospital require wheelchairs for short or long term use while inpatients. These new chairs will be purchased with adaptability in mind, to make changing features such as seat-to-floor height and the axle position as easy and convenient as possible. These features, along with the exchange of parts, will permit configurationfor different users. The purchase of these chairs will enable the Occupational and Physiotherapy Departments to meet more of their clients’ seating and positioning needs, enabling more patients to spend more time out of bed and mobilizing on the unit, rather than in bed.

Our 2014 goal will be to raise $6000.00 for the purchase of 3 chairs.

See how you can contribute www.windsorrotaryauction.com