How it All Began
In August 1987, District Governor Terry Edwards approached the then President of Holdfast Bay Rotary Club, Peter Shipp in regard to the formation of a new Rotary Club in the Glenelg area, and that it be a breakfast club.
Standing L to R     Frank White, Peter Shipp, Rod Fiegert, Jack Mallee, Brian Nadilo, Chris Balkwill, Lindsay Chambers, Graham Softley, Alan Osborne, Des Glazer, Roger Wicks, Rodger McGrath, John Yard, Peter Perkins, Ian Pedlar, Bruce Grimm, Harry Kernahan, Peter Claridge, Phil Briggs.
Seated L to R        Allan Yelland, Bill Embling, Geoff Wright, Bill Rawlins, Roger Blackmore, Jim Parkins
President Peter Shipp contacted Past President Peter Claridge to see if he would undertake the task of forming a new Club. Peter Claridge agreed to this request, subject to being able to form his own committee.
This committee consisted of Past Presidents Jack Maskell and Peter Claridge, plus Rotarians Peter Cox and Ray Edwards, all of Holdfast Bay Rotary Club. A meeting was called at Peter Claridge's office at 10 Eton Road, Keswick. Those present were the organizing committee plus the then Past President Peter Shipp, District Governor Terry Edwards, Past District Governor Jeff Nankiville and Past President Allan Yelland of the District Extension Committee.
At this meeting it was agreed to go ahead with the formation of a new club, and an interest meeting of potential members was called for the 14th October, 1987 at Partridge House. District Governor Terry Edwards made Peter Claridge a District Governor's Special Representative, with a brief to stay with the new club for the first year after charter.