Friend of Rotary Richard Bridge - 1st November 2021
Richard Bridge is inducted as a Friend of Rotary.
Pictured are: Richard Bridge and President James Hawker.
Richard's Mentor is Shawn Hutchinson.
Member Sally Harding - 1st November 2021
Sally's classification is "Media Communications".
Sally was appointed to the Youth / International / TRF Committee.
Pictured are: Sally Harding and President James Hawker.
Member Randell Smith - 13th December 2021
Randell's classification is "Financial Services".
Randell was appointed to the Community Service / Service Projects Committee.
Pictured are: President James Hawker and Randell Smith.
Member Chris Cleveland - 10th January 2022
Chris transferred his membership from the Rotary Club of Darwin.
Chris's classification is "Travel Services".
Chris was appointed to the Membership / Vocational Service Committee.
Pictured are: President James Hawker and Chris Cleveland.