Each year, the Rotary Club of Mount Barker provides the cash prizes for the winners in the Hills Art Collective.
2018 winners (L to R):-
Peter Surguy
Glenn Drewitt
Isobel Corbally
Ingrid Mangin
Patricia Umlauf
Peter Surguy won for a work that is unique and demonstrates creative interpretation with his piece called "In the Ranges". The judges said that it is a piece that stands out in a crowd and dares to be different and the use of colour is strong and imaginative.
Glenn Drewitt won for a work that effectively communicates and has a clear unmistakable message with his work called "Smoker with walking stick and bare feet". The judges said that it is as the category speaks for itself. 
Isobel Corbally won for a work that shows excellence of technique or craftsmanship with her work called "Feathered Friends". The judges said that her work demonstrates a mastery of skill and a clear understanding and application of specific medium qualities which has strong draftsmanship and boldness and freshness of paint application.
Ingrid Mangin won for a work that speaks of composition and design with her work called "The Mortal Coil". The judges said that it is a piece that is composed of many interconnected parts, encouraging the viewer's eye to move over the composition without distraction and it has a pleasing and demanding rhythm.
Patricia Umlauf won for a work that has emotional impact with her work called "Ridge Top". The judges said that it is engaging and has strong emotional appeal as well as having both a poetic and spiritual quality about it.