District Governor 9510 Jeff Neale Area Governor (Group 10) Shiralee Judge
  Club President James Hawker Club Immediate Past President Shawn Hutchinson
Club President Elect Karen Nolan Club Secretary Florence Yeardley 
Meeting Monday, 20/06/2022
Meeting Number 2582
The RC Mt Barker meets every Monday evening from 6.30-8.00 pm at
Auchendorroch House, 17 Adelaide Rd, Mt Barker
Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta 
This evening's meeting was a Club Assembly.
Sergeant at Arms:  Ian Rose
Loyal Toast : 
President, James Hawker and President Elect Karen Nolan
President James opened the meeting, welcomed Rotarians and guest,  Judy Hawker.  James handed over to PE Karen Nolan .
Apology from  Penni Taylor who is interstate and Annie Smitz and Mike McDonald (overseas) and Florence and Richard Yeardley, Ric and Kathy Horn (Mt Isa).  The Horns visited the RC Alice Springs and presented a banner form our club.  The RC Alice Springs asked to be remembered to Peter Schaefer.
  • RC Blakiston change over 0900- 1200 Sat.
  • Combined Board meeting at the home of Judy and President James last Thursday. Many thanks. It was great.
  • Birthing Kits-have been in contact with the President of Zonta.  RC Mt Barker will order the kits.  May take 8 weeks to get kits so date needs to be flexible.  Need to place the order for 200 kits and name a date - Saturday 27th August.  Venue TBA.
  • Our little girl from Cambodia was introduced. $30 per month provides for her education at All Kids.
  • Steam Ranger 21st August.
  • CENTURION PROGRAM. Not a strong program last year.May be a target for next year.
Club Assembly, chaired by President James Hawker
Time to evaluate the goals set for this year and for the  next 3 years.
Peter and his team have done a great job.  It has been a very successful year.  Members have really contributed.
We will commence work on the coke van with the grant monies.  Peter Baur has ordered parts and we are waiting for them to arrive.  The previous motion to sell the van if nothing happened has now been superseded and we are on to stage 2.  Further grants are being looked in to.  We should be aiming for more. If we don't get another grant what should we do? 
a.  Use club money 
b.  Sell an incomplete van
President James strongly recommended that we commit to the completion of the van.  Storage of the van needs to be considered. Mary Roebuck has offered her shed.
Finances for 20-21 caused some anxiety but we have achieved what we hoped to do and more.
Rotarian Justin Hill spoke about the opportunity to speak to young people at the MB Football club.
3rd July, Cornerstone presentation.  Sign in at the front office.
Vocational is getting set up for a strong forthcoming year.  The club has exceeded its target for the year.  IPP Shawn Hutchinson deserves a chocolate frog.  As of 1st July 22 the club has 34 members.  The target for 22- 23 is to gain 3 more.
Chris needs sizes for aprons and shirts to be purchased.
Social activities- Chris has already begun these with the Steam Ranger trip.  20 attendees so far.
Partners' night - To be held every 6 weeks.  COVID caused some things to be cancelled.
There are now 9 members.
  New pictures posted on MB Community Chat.  25 likes.  Should be one of our major goals.  Promoting the club at the MB Farmers' markets will occur in the new year.  The MB Council is very important to us.
COVID was a pain in the butt but decisions were made which reversed our decline.  Al financial documents are on the web site.  According to figures at the end of May, incoming President Karen will receive more funds than ever before. This is the best fundraising result we have had for a long time.  Thank you ot you all.
President Nominee Designate Ingy Abdelshafei has taken two of our club banners to present to Rotary Clubs in Egypt.
Upcoming Speakers for the next 2 months
Jul 04, 2022
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Jul 18, 2022 6:30 PM
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Upcoming Events for the Next 3 Months
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Mount Barker Uniting Church
Jul 10, 2022
5:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Committees / Board Meeting
Jul 11, 2022
Bunnings BBQ
Jul 23, 2022
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Joint Conquer the Summit Meeting with Mount Barker
Jul 27, 2022
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Aug 08, 2022
SteamRanger Excursion
Aug 21, 2022
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Sergeant Ian Rose:   Once again managed to get blood out of stone.  This was Ian's last night as Sergeant.  Thank you Ian for doing such a wonderful job and fro performing this role so professionally for the last few years.  There was a great deal of applause as members showed their appreciation.
Shawn will take over in the new year. 
Thanks again to Judy Hawker for her excellent scribing for this Bulletin.
Happy significant Birthday to Annie Smitz in Venice from all of us. 


Rotarian  Dr Angie Shafei  is Director of Healthcare Management Programs at Flinders University

Rotarian Dr Luc Mulimbalimba is the founder of MHCD, a small group of volunteers based in Australia passionate about helping the people of DR Congo, primarily through supporting the work of Mission in Health Care and Development (MHCD)
The RC Mt Barker is sponsored by Howard Vineyard.
The RC Mt Barker is sponsored by the Royal Adelaide Show.
The RC Mt Barker is sponsored by Sophie's Garden.
Secretary email:
Apologies and Visitors/Guests to:  Mary Roebuck  Mob:  0412 808 444