In the Rotary year 1956-57, clubs all over the world were encouraged by Rotary International to review their territories to determine the feasibility of forming new clubs - The Rotary Club of Halifax responded by having an Extension Committee chaired by W.Darrell Mills make a classification survey of the northwestern part of the city. The survey revealed a business and professional population in the area sufficient to support another Rotary Club, so it was decided to attempt to form one.
Darrell Mills became the President of the Rotary Club of Halifax in 1957-58 and William A. "Bill" Rozon chaired the Extension Committee. They took to heart R.I. President Charles G. Tennant's theme "ENLIST-EXTEND-EXPLORE-SERVE" and began to seek potential Rotarians in northwest Halifax.
One of the first approached was Ian C.H.Storer, Manager of The Bank of Montreal on Quinpool Road. Ian was enthusiastic and helpful in recruiting others, including Ernest B. "Colonel Ernie" Edwards who, at time of writing, is the only Charter Member active in the club.
On December 11, 1957, The Rotary Club of Halifax hosted a dinner meeting at the City Club for potential members of the proposed club. The Halifax Club was represented by President Darrell Mills, Vice-president Manuel Zive, Extension Chairman and Vice-chairman William Rozon and David Macneill, and Charles Burchell.  District Governor Arthur Johnson of St. John's was an honoured guest. Potential members present were Robert Butler. Joel Matheson, Keith Lawton, Ian Storer, Alexander Keith, Don Schelew, John Orr, Ernest Edwards, Edward Cosgrove, John Bremner, and Bill Greenwood.
Meeting Chairman Bill Rozon called on President Darrell who spoke on "Classifications", and Governor Arthur who described the process of club formation.
In the ensuing discussion it was decided that:
- New members would meet at noon, January 8, 1958, at The Nova Scotian Hotel and the formal organization meeting would be a week later, on January 15th.
- The club would be named "The Rotary Club of Halifax Northwest".
- Entrance fee would be $20.00
The meeting of January 8th was chaired by Bill Rozon, with Joel Matheson serving as Secretary. The following officers were elected:-   
President -   Bob Butler 
Vice-President - Keith Lawton 
Secretary- Joel Matheson 
Treasurer- Ian Storer 
Director - Horace Bell 
Director- Currie Young
Quoting from the Minutes of the meeting:
"Wednesday January 15, 1958, will be our organization day. All meetings will be held in the Harbour Room on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. at $1.80 per plate, tip included"
After the Jan.15 meeting, the following "List of Charter Members" signed by President Bob Butler and Secretary Joel Matheson, along with a draft for US$100.00, was submitted to Rotary International through District Governor Arthur Johnson as part of the application for admission to Rotary.